9mm Action Match 115 gr. JHP Steel Challenge - 500 Round Case


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Are you looking to dominate steel challenge with, extreme accuracy, soft shooting, clean burn, and match-winning performance at the highest levels of competition? That is the goal of ASYMs 9mm 115 gr Action Match ammunition. Designed and tested with  1911 9mm competition pistols and built to dominate the competition

This is the exact load used by Team Smith and Wesson Captain Julie Golob to win 2 World Titles at the 2010 Steel Challenge. Action Match was purpose built for Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol/Bianchi Cup competitions.

We start by using high quality Starline virgin brass. From there we add premium VhitaVuori powder to create an ultra-consistent and clean burning platform. Using USA made OEM primers loaded to consistent depths ensures not only safety but consistency in firing thought the load. Finally, we use a 115gr Zero jacketed hollow point projectile. The hollow point helps in creating extreme accuracy for this load.

Our Action Match has been known to produce groups of 1.5” or less from factory firearms at 25 yards. It is widely known that ammunition is one of the bigger factors for accuracy in weapons. So if you are looking to remove any doubt as to whether your ammunition is decreasing your accuracy, then this is the perfect round for you.

As always, ASYM maintains a high level of quality control with all of our products. Each round is case gauged as well as visually inspected to ensure that you receive the highest quality product possible. This level of quality control allows us to have industry leading accuracy and precision from our products.

Please be aware that this is not meant to be a personal defense load. Though this projectile is a jacketed hollow point, it does not have the expansion that a normal defensive round would have. For defensive ammunition, we recommend ASYMs solid copper 9mm 115gr Solid Defense X +P.

Velocity – 1,090 fps (4 inch barrel – 1911 9mm)

9mm Action Match 115 gr. JHP Steel Challenge - 500 Round Case

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