9mm Practical Match 147 gr. FMJ - 500 Round Case


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Soft shooting, proven accuracy, and match winning ability. These are the things that make up our 147 gr Practical Match 9mm ammunition.

This round was designed to be the softest shooting minor power factor for USPSA and IPDA coming in at a power factor of 134.5. This round was used by Team Smith and Wesson, Captain Julie Golob, to win the 2010 Single Stack National Ladies title and 2010 IDPA National Ladies title. This round also helped Nils Jonasson to win the 2015 IDPA Indoor Nationals and 2015 IDPA World Championships.

We start by using high quality Starline virgin brass. From there we add premium VhitaVuori powder to create an ultra-consistent and clean burning platform. Using USA made OEM primers loaded to consistent depths ensures not only safety but consistency in firing thought the load. Finally, we use a 147gr Zero jacketed projectile. Using a jacketed projectile gives a thicker wall for the rifling of a barrel to grab on to and increases accuracy.

All these components are added using industry leading technology, creating consistent overall lengths, crimp pressures and primer depths. Simply put, these rounds are the most consistent 147 gr 9mm rounds that can be purchased on the market today.

These rounds also serve a dual purpose in that because they are a heavier projectile and do not break the sound barrier they can be utilized in a suppressed platform to increase the effectiveness of the suppressor!

As always, ASYM maintains a high level of quality control with all of our products. Each round is case gauged as well as visually inspected to ensure that you receive the highest quality product possible. This level of quality control allows us to have industry leading accuracy and precision from our products.

If you’ve ever wondered what premium match grade ammunition looks and feels like pick up a box today and see for yourself what Practical Match can do for you!

Velocity – 915 fps (4 inch barrel – Glock)

9mm Practical Match 147 gr. FMJ - 500 Round Case

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