Blaze Display Gun Case


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A pistol case with a difference, featuring a see-through structure and a built-in key lock which enables your firearm to be securely stored and displayed. With solid Aluminum frames, ¼ inch thick Acrylic display panels and dual-sided opening, the case fits a standard 1911 style pistol. It’s not just a case but a feat of precision engineering.

The pistol is held in place by a Dummy Magazine support. The pistol magazine must be removed from the pistol to utilize the Dummy Mag and the magazine is securely held in the magazine clip.  The Dummy Mag can also be locked in several positions to display the pistol.

Unlike most other conventional Firearm Storage Systems on the market today, this outstanding multi-functional Gun Case enables the secure storage, transportation and display of Firearms. Rapid access to the Handgun stored within is facilitated through dual-sided opening and specially designed magnetic Dummy Mags machined from aluminum.

Height: 13.2 inches / 336 mm
Length: 11 inches / 280 mm
Depth: 2.95 inches / 75 mm
Weight: from 6.80 pounds / 3.1 kg

Loading Capacity:
1 1911 Style Pistol
1 Magazine

Made in Italy

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