Invictasafe: 12 Handgun or Rifle Wall Display Safe



Display your Cabot Collection while keeping it secure.  The Invictasafe is a lighted, locking wall display safe that will allow you to show off your 1911’s without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands.   The frame and door are made from durable 14 gauge steel and the display window is constructed using 1/2″ polycarbonate ballistic glass.   After you unlock the door, it is held open with industrial gas struts so you are free to retrieve your guns from the red felt-covered safe.  Your firearms are suspended in place using rare earth magnets and interior LED lights show off the craftsmanship of your Cabot 1911’s.


Viewing Area:  48” L x 21.125” H x 4” Depth

Total Size:  52.5” L  x 25” W x 5” Depth

Weight: Approx: 105 lbs.

14 Gauge Steel  with ½” Polycarbonate Ballistic Glass

COD LED Lighting

Red Velvet Background

CAM Tubular Lock


MADE in the USA

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