Custom 1911 Pistols - 100% Made in the USA

The Cabot Difference

Precision Design

Yes. We offer the world’s first and only aerospace quality custom 1911 style pistol. Cabot 1911′s are not just another pistol. Never ever. We’ve been living this creation for years. Cabot 1911’s have set a new standard in precision tolerances and quality not seen before in the gun world. And, we dare say, a perfect fit. Cabot pistols have a total frame and slide that are manufactured to fit more accurately than can be done by the human hand. In fact, the tightness is a fraction of a human hair. This is our own long-earned and long-invested proprietary technology.

Precision Craftsmanship

With attitude and pedigree. That’s how we approached the manufacture of our 1911 guns along with a refusal to settle for anything less than the best of both. Specifically, we challenged America’s top engineers, machinists and master craftsmen to build the perfect precision handgun from scratch without compromise and what resulted is a superior collection of bespoke 1911 pistols made from only the finest of materials, technology and minds that this great country has to offer.   Check out how a Cabot Performs in The Truth About Guns.

Precision Performance

Shooting a Cabot Pistol, Brian “Gunny” Zins wins the 2012 NRA National Pistol Championship in the first year a Cabot Gun debuts at the competition. And then repeated again in 2013. In 2017  Cabot shooter Jon Shue won the NRA National Pistol Championship and repeated again in 2018. In over 100-years of competition, only two civilians have taken first place overall; and both did it shooting a Cabot pistol. It’s simple. Every one of our handmade 1911 pistols exceed national match standards right “out of the box.” When the all-time greatest bullseye pistol marksmen pick up a gun to shoot it’s a Cabot.

Who Shoots a Cabot?

Brian Shoots a Cabot
Gunnery Sgt Brian 'Gunny' Zins, 12 Time National Pistol Champion
Michael Shoots a Cabot
Michael Chandler, World Lightweight MMA Champion
Joe Shoots a Cabot
Joe Mantegna, Actor, Writer and Director
Dee Shoots a Cabot
Dee Snider, Rock Legend
Kid Rock Shoots a Cabot
Matt Shoots a Cabot
Matt DiRito, Bassist, Pop Evil & Cabot Ambassador
Will Shoots a Cabot
Will Bethards, Captain Team Cabot, FBI Firearms Instructor
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