The Anatomy of a Cabot

What happens when America’s best engineers, machinists and master craftsmen set out to build a gun from scratch with the same technology and dedication they use for nuclear reactors and fighter jets? Cabot Guns, that’s what.  Along with a new standard of uncompromising quality and precision in 1911 style pistols.

At Cabot, we know that how you build something changes the essence of how it works.  Which is why we’re control freaks who have spared no effort or expense when it comes to each and every phase of the design and manufacture of our 1911 pistols from the ultrasonic testing of the raw materials down to the striping on the finish.  And we don’t just do it because we love it.  We do it because nobody else can.

The fact is no other gun manufacturer can build what we build the way we build it and the empirical proof is in our tolerances. 

A gun is a sum of its parts.  At Cabot, we make thirty-one components in-house and completely from billet steel.  Forgings and casting are inferior but can be produced at a fraction of the cost and is the standard in the industry.  But not here at Cabot.  We are obsessed.  We are obsessed and committed to building the finest pistols possible and that entails crafting components from a block of steel employing aerospace standards construction techniques to tolerances beyond the rest of the firearm industry.  And to make it here in America.

The following is a representative sampling of some of the components that form a pistol.  Cabot components are built to last a lifetime.  It’s a painstaking process but our quality standards no doubt set Cabot apart.

The Arts & Sciences of the 1911

Cabot Guns are the only true custom 1911’s built from scratch.  Our process start with a raw block of American steel.  Our frames and slides are made in-house to the incomparable tolerances.  In fact, we totally disregard how anyone else in the industry builds a 1911 and do it our way.

Raw Materials

Step 1. Toss aside the industry norm of starting with a casting or a forged frame and slide.  

We threw industry standards out the window when it came to raw materials.  Unlike other 1911 manufacturers we dismissed starting with castings or forgings when it came to making our extreme precision frames and slides.  

Step 2.  The Unrelenting Pursuit for the Best Steel

Cabot Guns start from solid blocks of hard rolled billet steel.  This is the purest approach one can use to craft a quality component.

Step 3.  100% American Steel

Using the Buy American Act we employ source origination tracing to ensure the source and origination of our raw materials.  Our philosophy is we build a 100% American made product and we ensure that every aspect of our guns originates in the USA.

Step 4.  Quality Control

An unparalleled quality control processes is undertaken with every component of our 1911 handgun.  It’s necessary when every part we make is made to our unique high tolerance standards.  Less than perfect?  Scrap it!

Step 5.  Enhancing Raw Materials

We enhance and strengthen our raw materials with both heating and annealing treatments. This is the same technology employed in the tool and die industry to produce millions of parts and developed over decades to perfection by metallurgical experts. The same treatment is applied to further hardening the slabs of steel we use to make Cabot Guns.  And we just don’t do it homogeneously, we also harden our slides and frames to different Rockwell levels.  Because that’s the best way to do it.

And that’s what we do even before we start building your gun …

What makes the Cabot 1911 the world’s ultimate precision made pistol?  We believe a gun is the sum of it’s parts and thirty-one components are made only for a Cabot 1911 to tolerances that are in our own class and beyond what other custom 1911s utilize.  Other custom 1911 makers “fix” low tolerance components while we simply build each component to hair-splitting precision tolerances.  The exacting nature of creating perfectly defined components is what we call Clone Technology™

Each and every component we produce is built to this exacting precision, unheard of in the 1911 world. 

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