Our Made in America Manifesto

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all guns are *not* created equal. Many that call themselves “American-made” are in fact “American finished,” sourced from raw materials and bulk parts from overseas locations where our values of quality and human respect are forgone in the interest of cost-savings. At Cabot Guns, our pursuit of crafting a true American 1911 *is* the pursuit of Happiness. When we say “American made” we don’t just mean “put together” in America. Instead, we do truly mean that the pistol you hold is an American 1911, right down to the pins, springs and grip-screw bushings.

We train our employees in-house to the pinnacle of craftsman standards and are as committed to their success as we are to the pistols we produce. We proudly pay a premium for this distinction; our material, precision manufacturing and labor prices rise significantly higher than those of other companies, many of which make the sticker-deep assertion of their products being “American made.” At Cabot, we’re ok with being more expensive.  In fact, we like it that way – it’s who we are and we know the value in our guns.

Cabot 1911’s are made from American-sourced Raw Billet Steel, and for what we don’t make in-house we make sure it’s sourced *only* from an American supplier who guarantees the same commitment to American craftsmanship that we do. For every gun assembled, Cabot asserts that 100% of parts are sourced, machined, manufactured, assembled and finished within these United States of America under the watchful eyes of a Cabot Guns patriot.

WE, therefore, the representatives of Cabot Guns, Inc. do solemnly publish and declare that these American-made 1911’s which bear our name are in fact 100% made in America. We do hereby assert;

– That 100% of their engineering, 100% of their raw materials, 100% of their parts, and 100% of the assembly and finishing are mined, sourced, forged, formed and built right here – underneath spacious skies, amongst amber waves of grain, and in the shadow of purple mountain majesties.
– That the people who build them and their parts are true blooded American-dreamers stemming from all walks of life and regions of the globe, united here under stars and stripes to craft the finest in heirloom-quality shootable art.
– That to Cabot Guns and our customers, “100% American Made” isn’t simply a sticker, it is a devotion to the American craftsman and the unmatched prowess with which they complete their work.

God bless the 1911, God bless the American Craftsman, and God bless


Rob Bianchin, Founder & CEO
Cabot Guns

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