We at Cabot Guns hold ourselves and our pistols to the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. Your Cabot comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers’ defects and we stand behind our pistols 100%. If you have any issues with your 1911, please email [email protected] and we will help sort it out right away. If upon inspection your pistol has an issue that is not covered by warranty you will be charged $99 for shipping both ways plus gunsmith time and ammunition costs associated with the inspection. Items not covered under warranty are:

Accessory and Apparel Purchases

Purchases of Accessories and Apparel may be returned within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened and unused for a refund minus 20% restocking fee and shipping costs.

Handgun Purchases

SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS BELOW AND AS IMPOSED BY YOUR STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES Your choice to order a Cabot 1911 made by Cabot Gun Company, LLC (“Cabot Guns”) is sincerely appreciated. This order requires an accompanying deposit of 25% of the total build price that will be applied to the purchase price of the firearm. This deposit is nonrefundable. You will receive an e‐mail with an invoice for the deposit. Depending upon your state’s requirements sales tax may be applicable. All pricing shown herein is for United States domestic sales and is not applicable for international sales. See you Cabot representative for international sales and price quotes.

Your responsibilities hereunder include:

  1. providing Cabot Guns with the identity and address of a licensed firearmsdealer (FFL) from who you will complete the purchase of this firearm and who will check you credentials and background or through whom you will undergo any and all licensing or background checks required by your state and local authorities, and
  2. submitting the remaining payment necessary upon the final purchase of your firearm within 30 days of receiving notice that your pistol is ready for shipping or have made arrangements with Cabot Guns otherwise, and
  3. you must claim your firearm from the firearms dealer you provided within thirty (30) days of delivery to that dealer

The accompanying deposit of against the purchase price of the firearm which you have selected above will not be returned to you unless Cabot Guns is unable to deliver the firearm to you through your selected dealer due to a Cabot Guns’ error. Your failure to complete the purchase of the firearm within thirty days of the delivery to the dealer or your failure to pass a background check or to be sufficiently licensed or credentialed as required by law do not constitute error on Cabot Guns’ part and will result in the loss of your deposit and termination of any obligation Cabot Guns may have to you pursuant to this order form or in general. Cabot Guns reserves the right to cancel any/all orders and return the deposited amount. Credit card orders are subject to a 2.75% surcharge fee. Shipping cost to your dealer is $85 per gun.

Cabot Guns reserves the right to make minor design adjustments to the final delivered firearm.

To purchase a Cabot 1911, you must obey all local and federal laws regarding purchases. You may begin your build by placing an order on our website along with the options you select. After your order is confirmed you will need to select your local FFL where the pistol where be shipped and the transfer will take place.

Please note you are responsible for knowing and obeying all laws regarding firearms purchases use and transfers. You are responsible for any and all fees pertaining to the sale, background check and transfer as well as any licensing that your local government may require.

It is recommended that you take a safety class prior to owning or operating any firearm. By purchasing a Cabot 1911 you agree to hold harmless Cabot for any injury or harm due to neglect or misuse of your firearm.

Cabot 1911’s are not available for purchase in California.

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