Tungsten Carbide Knives

Beginning with our Sandrin’s patented blend of powders from Sandvik and a special process to eliminate brittleness, Sandrin knives are finished with the kind of precision and expertise that only comes with 40 years experience grinding Carbide.

Neither steel nor ceramic, they’re the perfect combination of hardness and strength whose extraordinary precision can be measure to lightband tolerances. And with an outstanding hardness of HRC 71, simply put, they’re nothing short of the hardest and most durable knife blades that have ever been made.

Sandrin Knives is a project that’s been on our mind since the late 80’s. It took us about 20 years to realize the first samples. That’s what happens when you set out to achieve new standards in quality and make a strong commitment to placing true innovation above sales — It takes time.

At Sandrin, we take great pride in producing the most precise industrial blades and wear parts in the world, as well as being recognized as one of the best tungsten carbide suppliers on the market since our company was founded in 1969. It’s a reputation that has paid off. When you need something special and at the highest standard of precision you choose Turmond.

We also like a challenge. Which is why when we first set our sights on crafting a new generation of blades out of Tungsten Carbide, something that no other knife maker had attempted previously let alone even believed was possible, we didn’t flinch.

Instead, we just stayed focused on developing new technologies that permitted us to make not just knives, but very precise knives ground with the finest finishes. The result is a Sandrin knife, a unique, high-performance, collector’s piece born of a new idea, a new material, and a new standard for precision that promises to change the way things have been done in the world of knife-making for thousands of years.


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