Better Than Custom 1911 Pistols

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Custom 1911s are not created equal. At Cabot Guns, our pursuit of crafting the true American 1911 is the pursuit of Happiness. When we say “American made” we don’t just mean “put together” in America. In our commitment to the sidearm carried by the brave few on battlefields spanning the globe, we begin where others only dream of reaching. Our handguns surpass what is considered the standard for a customized 1911 – so much so that we can only call them Better than Custom 1911 Pistols. A Cabot is more than a tool, it is functional art, the celebration of THE Hero firearm – an unrivaled platform given the opportunity to shine with unique materials and unparalleled machining.

Our commitment to excellence starts the same way each time – with solid blocks of steel, billet-made to literal hair-splitting specifications, redefining the meaning of precision.

A Cabot 1911’s minimum standards exceeds any standard expectation for quality, because it is our mission to produce the finest examples of American craftsmanship through the lens of John Moses Browning’s titular pistol.

Single Stack 1911 Models

The celebration of America’s handgun starts at Cabot with models that immediately invoke the spirit defined by the 1911 pistol. Our better than custom 1911 pistols machined from stainless steel combine the quintessential style of the platform with our world-class craftsmanship and precision engineering – all while adhering to our Made in America Manifesto. These pistols do far more than just pay simple homage to a classic, as even the briefest of examination will demonstrate.

 Micro-serrations a mere ten human hairs in width, our trademark Tristar trigger, are just the noticeable details. Our computer-controlled precision and building processing are the result of the remarkable amalgamation of modern technology and the artisan craftsman who ensure each part in our better than custom 1911 pistols are exceedingly perfect.

Doublestack Models

Introducing the Cabot Guns Insurrection, a doublestack 1911 pistol that’s been meticulously crafted to redefine the very essence of American firearms innovation. This exceptional pistol has been two years in the making, and every moment spent in development is evident in its flawless design and performance. The Insurrection is proudly crafted exclusively from 100% US-sourced stainless steel.

Our first doublestack 1911 pistol, the Insurrection is a testament to Cabot Guns’ unwavering commitment to quality and precision. 

Damascus Steel Single Stack 1911 Models

Finesse meets Function

Cabot handguns are built from the ground up to be fighting pistols, without an inch of compromise in style – and it is this commitment that drove us to the development of our Damascus steel 1911 handguns. The art of heating and folding steel to produce a stronger material can be traced to the first millennium in the Near East. It has been used throughout the history of mankind to produce a material of mythological proportions. Lore and legends of unbreakable blades with textures that were as complex as the waves of the sea are innumerable in the old world. Today, this material is used by Cabot to produce Damascus Steel custom 1911s to such a degree that we are known to be the preeminent purveyor of this marriage. 

 From our standardized Damascus Steel variants and beyond, Cabot better than custom 1911 pistols are as varied in style as the waves in the metal.


Only Cabot Guns makes a TRUE fully inverted left handed 1911.  This means the gun is built from the ground up to be a a southpaw pistol.  The frame, slide, controls, and even the barrel twist are inverted.  

Portrait of a Craftsman Series

In addition to our staple offerings in Damascus, we are proud to have partnered with a number of true artisans to produce one-of-a-kind 1911’s with their artisanal forged damascus. 

Join us in our Portrait of a Craftsman series – where we beautifully capture and celebrate the processes and efforts of these artisans. In a world where such men are becoming exceedingly rare, it is our distinct privilege to share their legacies, in addition to making better than custom 1911’s that will be loved and used for generations to come.

Retired Models

As we continue to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible, we change our catalog of models offered.  Below you will find information on pistols we have produced in the past but don’t currently offer.

We set out to build the finest and most reliable custom 1911 pistols available and every Cabot Gun is manufactured using the same aerospace technology and tolerances.  This means that when you hold and shoot a Cabot, the difference is readily noticeable.  See our Anatomy of a Cabot to find out what work goes into each and every 1911 we build.

Browse our Limited Edition 1911’s or OAK (One of A Kind) Custom builds to see the endless possibilities available when you order a Cabot 1911.

We often get asked, what is the difference between a production and a custom 1911?  Well you can read a review of our S103 from “The Truth About Guns” and see what sets a Cabot 1911 apart from the rest!

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