Otto Carter

FEGA Master Engraver

Otto Carter is a distinguished American engraver known for his exceptional hand-engraved creations on Cabot’s limited edition and one-of-a-kind 1911 firearms. With a background in graphic design, Otto has a deep appreciation for the art of engraving, viewing it as a means to add beauty and individuality to metal objects. Drawing inspiration from historical styles and ancient craftsmanship, he merges traditional techniques with contemporary design to meet the unique preferences of his clients.

Otto’s work is characterized by meticulous detail, achieved through the use of traditional tools such as hammers and gravers, and executed under high magnification. Despite the primitive nature of these tools, his engravings are a testament to precision and patience. Each piece reflects Otto’s commitment to the craft and his desire to create engravings that embody the unique personality of their owners. Otto Carter continues to elevate the art of firearm engraving, ensuring each piece is not only a functional weapon but a personalized work of art.

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