Lee Griffiths

FEGA Master Engraver

Lee Griffiths embarked on his engraving journey in 1997, initially dabbling with makeshift tools on his neighbor’s knives amidst the rigors of farm life. Despite his humble beginnings and lack of formal training, Lee’s innate talent and unwavering dedication propelled him forward. His entry into the world of engraving was marked by a steep learning curve, one he navigated with passion and determination. He crafted his early tools from materials found around the farm, a testament to his resourcefulness and eagerness to master the art.

His talents and hard work eventually led him to the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA), which became a pivotal influence in his career. The guild offered Lee not just advanced knowledge and techniques, but also a sense of community and belonging among fellow artisans. It was through FEGA that Lee found the support and inspiration he needed to pursue engraving as a full-time profession, leading to his decision in 2007 to leave farming behind and dedicate himself entirely to his craft.

Today, Lee Griffiths is celebrated for his exquisite engravings on Cabot 1911 firearms, showcasing his mastery of the art. He is not only a practitioner but also a mentor, teaching engraving classes and sharing his knowledge and passion with aspiring artists. His journey from a self-taught novice to a revered master engraver stands as a powerful example of how perseverance and passion can transform a simple interest into a lifelong calling and successful career.

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