Robert Eggerling

The Master of All Damascus Steel

Robert Eggerling, a master craftsman from Mertztown, Pennsylvania, has dedicated over 25 years to perfecting the art of creating Mosaic Damascus Steel. Renowned globally for his distinctive steel patterns, Robert meticulously hand-forges Damascus Steel billets that are sought after for knife blades, bolsters, and various other applications. His unique work is a highlight at major knife shows where he exhibits and sells his steel billets.

Robert’s exceptional craftsmanship has also been showcased in collaboration with Cabot Guns, for whom he has forged Artisan Damascus Steel used in their exclusive One of a Kind 1911s. Notable projects include the California 1911s, The Mosaic Damascus 1911s, and the Iron Quilt 1911s, each piece reflecting the pinnacle of design and artisanship. Additionally, Cabot Guns has produced a full-length “Profile of a Craftsman” featuring Robert Eggerling, providing an in-depth look at his expertise and creations. You can watch that video below. Through his dedication and skill, Robert Eggerling continues to contribute significantly to the field of custom metalwork and artisan weaponry.

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