Cabot Aphrodite

One of a Kind Engraved Damascus Steel 1911


One legend tells of the goddess Aphrodite rising—fully formed—from the bosom of the sea. Azure waves, flecked with seafoam, caressed what mythology holds as the most desirable creature who ever lived. Men and gods loved her, fought for her, died for her.

Cabot, with the verve of a modern-day Ares, has harnessed a mythical blend of beauty, strength, and passion to create a 1911 pistol worthy of a place on Mount Olympus: Aphrodite.

The spirit of Aphrodite, the moment of her birth, is captured in the one-of-a-kind Damascus upper and relentlessly polished grips that fill the hand and fever the wielder’s brow. Master Metal Artist Robert Eggerling, whose own works have become the stuff of legend, has conjured beauty beyond compare from this exquisitely figured Damascus steel made just for Aphrodite. One can almost imagine the swell of the Mediterranean, a touch of moisture, a tang of salt, while gazing at the delicate patterns Eggerling has wrought.

One symbol associated with the goddess Aphrodite is the mirror, and that symbology is captured with stunning brilliance in the dazzling sheen of this pistol’s frame and components, a perfect complement to the cerulean beauty of Eggerling’s steel.

The Cabot artisans, creators of this mighty and modern Aphrodite, may have recalled the words of 19th century Irish poet, George William Russell:

I know the sacrifice of old they offered to the mighty queen,

And this Adoring love has brought us back the beauty that has been.

Make no mistake; even as Spartan devotees of Ares—the god of war—revered their patron deity for his battle prowess, so they held the beautiful Aphrodite in great esteem as a war goddess. In like manner, those who venerate the 1911 platform will know instantly that the Cabot Aphrodite is no less capable in martial arts.

Immortalized with serial number Aphrodite-1 and chambered in .45 ACP (the legendary caliber of the gods), Aphrodite is the only one of its kind.

And only one will have the privilege to call this goddess their own

Aphrodite finds her rest in a custom, hand-built wood case. The case is itself an example of relentless craftsmanship by master box maker Steven A. Parker, member of the Society of America Period Furniture Makers and The Guild of Master Craftsman. Museum-grade Spalted Curly Maple with Claro Walnut edging was selected for the exterior. The interiors continue the use of Maple Burl with Claro Walnut edging and Quilted Maple blocks the grasp Aphrodite with a Cabot-designed Freedom Fit, which allows the full beauty of this Cabot masterpieces to be seen in all its glory for generations.

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