2 Limited Edition Damascus 1911s

The mystery of what lies beneath the surface has captured mankind’s imagination for millennia. While undertaking artisan Damascus projects, you are never certain what is hiding below the coarse-scale left by the archaic hand forging process. At every step of the way, from machining of the billets to high polish finishing, this steel’s aquatic motifs became progressively more evident. The rippling effect of waves breaking the surface envelops the slide top until transitioning abruptly into vigorous undercurrent textures.  Arabic origins of the term Damascus translate roughly to “watered steel”, making this an appropriate highlight of Robert Eggerling’s oeuvre. The Atlantis pistols are meant to serve as a memorial to our ancestor’s inexhaustible curiosity, as well as an inspiration to our successors. Explore always. 

Number of Pistols available: 2

Serial Numbers: 1911ART01 & 1911ART02

Caliber: 45acp

Atlantis - 1911ART01

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Atlantis - 1911ART02

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Where does one display and store these unique pistols that will never be replicated?

In a custom bookcase, of course.

The Cases for the Atlantis Pistols are impressive in their own right, with sides that appear as pages—complete with binding stitches—and a lid held in place by hidden rare earth magnets. The interior features our freedom design fit and boasts another hidden rare earth magnet to hold the gun in place. These cases can be placed vertically, like a book on a shelf, and feature a plaque ensuring the provenance of each pistol and placed inside the lid.


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