Cabot AXON

One of a Kind Engraved 1911

Cabot Guns is excited to announce their newest OAK (One-of-A-Kind) Custom 1911 pistol: the Axon.

In cellular biology, an axon is a long, slender projection of a nerve cell (or neuron) that conducts electrical impulses known as action potentials. Our central nervous systems are complex, but it’s safe to say that without axons, we would struggle to function. Axons form the pathways that allow our brains to communicate the potential our bodies possess, and to translate that potential into action.

In concert with their counterparts—dendrites—axons allow our eyes to see the beauty of the Cabot Axon’s Relic Patina Finish, designed and meticulously hand engraved by FEGA Master Engraver, Otto Carter. They allow our palms to luxuriate in the incredibly smooth texture of the Axon’s flawlessly polished and hand finished mammoth bone grips. The body’s axons carry the signals that stimulate our hands to grip the pistol, to feel the perfectly angled slide cuts as we chamber a round of .45 ACP, to caress the signature Tristar trigger and experience the Axon’s silky-smooth action—a result of Cabot’s dedication to precision engineering and aerospace tolerances.

The Axon is an heirloom-quality 1911 pistol and features the unique serial number: NEURON-01911.

As befits this beautiful and exclusive handgun, it is accompanied by a classically designed case built on a durable hardwood frame. The styling is timeless, and the case’s custom appointments include premium leather with waxed orange thread corner pieces. This distinctive resting place for the Cabot Axon is hand finished and hand sewn, inside and out.


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