The Big Daddy Damascus pistols, a limited edition set of three bespoke, heirloom quality 1911 pistols.

Ancient Greeks believed all things were derived from four foundational elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. A masterful blend of these elements was required to produce the Big Daddy Damascus 1911s. Each pistol’s frame and slide are constructed from Artisan hand-forged 120-layer Damascus stainless steel and feature a dazzling pattern-etched finish.

Aristotle, the 4th century BC philosopher, hypothesized a fifth element: Aether, which, it was said, is found in celestial regions and heavenly bodies. If just the right blend of earth, air, fire, and water were required to craft the Big Daddy Damascus pistols, their stunning Zhamanshin Meteorite grips represent Cabot’s magical finishing touch straight from the aether.

Zhamanshin is a meteorite crater, 14 km in diameter, found in Kazakhstan. The Zhamanshin crater rock was formed nearly a million years ago by the extreme heat and pressures of Earth’s most recent meteorite event to produce a disruption comparable to that of nuclear winter—although not large enough to have caused a mass extinction. Cabot obtained this historic material and, through a painstaking, arduous process, stabilized it into a rock and resin matrix that could then be machined and finished into a truly unique set of grips.

At this point, the Fire and Ice set already resembles its name as the interplay of light causes the color of the guns to shift as they move in the hands. And, as if that isn’t enough, Cabot has added unique cocking buttons, also made from Damascus Titanium, to help rack the slide.

As befits such a remarkable pedigree, Cabot’s Big Daddy Damascus pistols each come with custom-crafted, museum-grade cases by S.A. Parker. The fortunate owners of these gorgeous pistols can admire the case’s beautiful exterior surfaces, finished with exquisite, bookmarked wood patterns, while their prized possession rests in the plush, French-fit interior.

Cabot’s Big Daddy Damascus pistols are the ultimate expression of Browning’s 1911 design, a million years in the making.

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