The Cabot Blue Scorpion

The Blue Scorpion is our next legendary 1911. Reminiscent of the hard, outer shell of its namesake, the Blue Scorpion features Cabot’s Black Ice Diamond-like carbon finish, masterfully hand-engraved by Otto Carter to reflect a protective root structure intertwined around the pistol.

Ancient folk legends speak of a mystic stung by a scorpion. As the deadly creature skitters away, an acolyte asks, “Why did you not kill the scorpion?”

The white-haired holy man replies, “Because it is in the nature of the scorpion to sting.”

Its poisonous tail and menacing appearance mean the scorpion has been feared throughout history. Many relate the creature with demons and evil spirits. Yet the scorpion is also a strong symbol used in apotropaic—or sympathetic—magic, regarded as a powerful guardian and protector. It is in this vein that Cabot’s Blue Scorpion was conceived.

"Supreme tolerances define the construction of the Blue Scorpion."

The pistol’s exquisite controls are crafted in our rarified Cabot Blue. Beautiful and tough, the heirloom-quality Blue Scorpion rests in a museum-grade case custom crafted by Artisan Stephen Parker, as befits a powerful guardian and protector. Only when the pistol is lifted from its French-fit resting place and turned over is the Scorpion revealed. The new owner fortunate enough to capture this Blue Scorpion must handle their extraordinary prize with care….

Who knows where the scorpion will be hiding; waiting to strike. Those with insight and a discerning eye will know that it is also in the nature of this scorpion to sting.


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