A One-of-a-Kind Damascus STeel 1911 by Cabot Guns

“Clovis” is a singular creation, a 1911 pistol that stands as a testament to craftsmanship, artistry, and history. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece represents the pinnacle of 1911 craftsmanship by Cabot Guns, combined with the finest Damascus steel forged by the 87-year-old master among masters of Blacksmiths, Robert Eggerling, whose work reflects the skill of a lifetime of experience.


The soul of Clovis lies in its slide and grips, both meticulously crafted from artist Robert Eggerling’s renowned Damascus steel. The intricate pattern on the slide is a delicate, feather-like design, each line as thin as a whisper, embodying the ethereal beauty and precision of the smith’s art. Hand-polished to perfection and heat-treated to reveal a mesmerizing palette of blue and purple hues, the steel captures the eye and the imagination. These royal purples and blues are reminiscent of the era of Clovis, the first unified king of France, evoking the grandeur and opulence from a past era.

The exquisite, one-of-a-kind Damascus billet forged by Eggerling features a striking structural line running down the middle of the slide. This line creates a clear and pronounced demarcation reminiscent of the geological separation found in the Younger Dryas boundary. Just as the Younger Dryas period marks a significant climatic event in Earth’s history, this structural line in the steel captures the essence of a profound division.

Above and below this architectural line, the intricate Damascus pattern unfolds, each side showcasing its unique and meticulously crafted design. The contrast highlights the precision and artistry involved in creating this masterpiece. The Damascus steel grips exhibit a hallmark Eggerling “W” pattern in the fashion demonstrated by this Master Blacksmith in our Portrait of a Craftsman documentary, “Master of All Damascus.”

The pistol’s imposing presence is enhanced by the monolithic slide, a feature reserved for Cabot’s limited edition pistols and one-of-a-kind creations. This element, combined with the exquisite Damascus steel, elevates Clovis to a realm of unmatched elegance and sophistication.  The small parts and barrel are coated in a lustrous gold Titanium Nitride, a nod to the golden embellishments that adorned the courts of French royalty. This coating not only enhances the pistol’s aesthetic appeal but also provides exceptional strength and durability. In a crowning touch of luxury, the front sight is cast from solid 14kt gold, a gleaming beacon of craftsmanship and extravagance.

Clovis is cradled in an equally exquisite wood case crafted by the renowned Master Casemaker Steven Parker. This case interior features our “freedom fit” interior, ensuring that the pistol is securely and elegantly housed. The case itself is a work of art, complementing the pistol and completing the presentation of this extraordinary firearm.


In Clovis, the past and present converge, blending the rich history of creating opulence works of art fit for a Monarch with the pinnacle of modern firearms craftsmanship. Clovis; an American symbol of mastery, heritage, and unbridled artistry.


Only 1 CLOVIS 1911 will ever exist.  A nonrefundable $5,000 deposit is required to hold the pistol with the balance due in 30 days via wire transfer or ACH.  If you attempt to purchase CLOVIS and receive an error at checkout, that means it is no longer available and the website has not yet been updated.

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