The Commander King

An exclusive commission from Cabot Guns featuring custom serial number: DAMASCUS001

Alexander the Great conquered Damascus in 333 BC. The young emperor, widely recognized as the greatest commander king in history, undefeated in battle, forged a kingdom that spanned cultures and continents.

Roughly 1,200 years after Alexander added the former Aramaic kingdom to his historic list of conquests, the first renowned “Damascus Steel” swords were made. Although the ancient process used to forge the original Damascus steel has been lost in the mists of time, modern-day craftsmen—including world-renowned master blacksmith Robert Eggerling—have recaptured much of the exacting art of its creation.

The Cabot Commander King is a classic Commander-size pistol and, in that format, likely the finest Commander-style 1911 we have ever crafted.

The Commander King’s slide, trigger, and grips were shaped and finished from an exquisite block of Eggerling’s Mosaic Damascus and the complexity of the pattern is truly striking. Befitting this one-of-a-kind 1911, it is chambered in the Lord's caliber, .45 ACP, with an embedded diamond front sight that sparkles enticingly, both beautiful and functional.

2,400 years after Alexander built his empire, we believe this Cabot 1911 is worthy of the title: Commander King.


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