The Damasters 1911

A Symphony of Damascus by Cabot Guns

The Damasters 1911 emerges as a pinnacle of metallurgical artistry, a one-of-a-kind creation by Cabot Guns that unites the genius of the Masters of Damascus steel. This exclusive piece, serially inscribed as DAMASTERS1, is a homage to the unparalleled skill of these artisans, seamlessly woven into the fabric of a 1911.

At the heart of The Damasters is a twist Damascus slide, forged by the renowned Pennsylvania blacksmith and Forged in Fire luminary, Rob “Deker” Dekelbaum. This slide is not merely a functional component; it’s a canvas displaying the intricate dance of Damascus patterns, a testament to Dekelbaum’s mastery.

The grips of The Damasters are a masterpiece in their own right, crafted from the exquisite pattern welded Damascus steel by metal artist and Master Blacksmith Jason Morrissey. These grips are the epitome of grip artistry, marrying form and function in a display of mesmerizing patterns and textures that captivate the beholder.

Further enhancing its allure, the trigger is a work of Mosaic Damascus steel by the Master of All Damascus, the ingenious Robert Eggerling. This trigger is a focal point of the pistol, showcasing Eggerling’s unrivaled skill in creating steel that is as visually stunning as it is functional.

Completing this assembly of mastery is a hammer crafted from Damasteel Damascus, adding another layer of sophistication and detail to this already remarkable firearm.

The Damasters 1911 is not just a firearm; it’s a celebration of the Damascus steel art form, exquisitely crafted into a 1911 by the talented team at Cabot Guns. It stands as a testament to the synergy of master blacksmiths and Cabot’s dedication to creating firearms that are not merely tools, but awe-inspiring works of art. This pistol transcends the ordinary, becoming a collector’s dream and a pinnacle of American gunmaking artistry.


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