Diablo Damascus


It is said that every once in a great while an artist comes along and changes what was thought possible. Cabot Guns believes Jason Morrissey to be just such an artist, considering the revolutionary steel he has composed for our latest custom 1911 pistol: the Diablo Damascus.

On a cool October night, in the middle of a dusty Mississippi intersection at midnight, legend tells of a young, searching man. Robert Johnson, so the story goes, stood in front of the devil himself and traded the only thing of value in his possession for the only thing of value he desired: the ability to play guitar in a way that no one else ever had.

After that fateful night, inhabitants of the Delta knew one thing: that young man, who couldn’t carry a guitar note in a bucket the last time they’d seen him, was changed. No one could explain it, but when they heard him play afterward, they felt the blues as if possessed by them. In this young man’s hands, the guitar became a living thing and Delta Blues was born.

One can be excused for similar ponderings regarding the inspiration behind the Diablo Damascus. This beautiful 1911 is so unique, did it somehow spring from a moon-bathed crossroads at midnight? Did some spirit of the night craft such an eye-catching pistol? Linger too long and you might see the interplay of moonlight and cloud creating fanciful, swirling shadows up and down the frame.

The Diablo Damascus continues the Cabot tradition of designing and building exquisite pistols. This extraordinary gun is crafted from hand-forged Damascus steel created by master metal artist and blacksmith Jason Morrissey. Indeed Morrissey has, like Johnson, profoundly changed what was previously thought possible in the expression of his art; Morrissey has transformed the art of forging Damascus steel into a deliberate symphony of patterns where, in comparison, others merely play the notes. In the same way Robert transformed the Blues, Jason is creating Damascus steel like no one else. And while the Diablo Damascus may not have been born on a dusty Delta night, it is the only one of its kind on Earth. 

The breathtaking beauty of the Cabot Diablo Damascus pistol isn’t the outcome of a nocturnal pact with the devil. Instead, it is achieved through an unbelievably intricate set of manual processes that have been informed not only by Jason’s otherworldly skill in pattern welding, forging, and acid etching, but also by the fact that he is a multimedia maestro who has adapted Damascus techniques from cane glass blowing and Millefiori. This vast array of knowledge, talent, and skill helped Morrissey create one of the most original and intricate billets of patterned Damascus steel anywhere in the world—and our artisans molded it into the truly magical Cabot Diablo Damascus 1911.

The Diablo Damascus pistol contains the same attention to detail, technical precision, and quality as our other custom 1911 models. All components are hand finished to function flawlessly, even at the exacting micro-tolerances common to every Cabot. Aficionados will appreciate the trademark deep curve Tristar trigger and skeletonized hammer. And if one can take their eyes from the mysterious patterns imbued in the metal itself, the solid gold front dot compliments the luxurious Damascus grips to offer a pure and enviable shooting experience.

The Diablo Damascus pistol is yet another successful amalgam, one that blurs the mythical line between form and function.

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