Cabot Eggerling Bespoke 1 & 2

A Pair of One of a Kind Damascus Steel 1911s

The adjective bespoke is a bit old fashioned, but often applies to something of immense value. Bespoke refers to items that are handcrafted, custom made, or those for which a unique approach was taken to produce. All three of these definitions apply to Cabot’s Eggerling Bespoke pistols, a rare, two-gun offering that sets yet another standard by transforming the most exquisite Damascus steel into wondrous 1911 pistols.

Throughout history, the skill and imagination of blacksmiths and weapon makers have contributed to the story of man through both tools and art. The Eggerling Bespoke pistols represent the pinnacle of these professions. Damascus steels have been coveted by warriors, chieftains, princes, and kings, who sought the finest blacksmiths and weapon makers because of their uncanny ability to transform Damascus steel into the finest weapons on earth.

Presented with an opportunity to collaborate with the modern equivalent of these ancient Damascene craftsmen, we challenged Robert Eggerling—American metal artist and unquestionable master of Damascus—to create unique steel blocks large enough to yield two frames and two slides.

Years in the making, the Eggerling Bespoke pistols mark the first time we’ve paired custom patterned, hand forged Damascus slide and frame billets together. These beautiful 1911 pistols constitute a perfect balance of vision, dedication, and craftsmanship. Every tool, whether an antiquated forge or the latest generation of CNC machines, had to be wielded by resolute craftsmen who have devoted their lives to becoming world class tradesmen. Cabot has spent years of blood, sweat, and even a few tears, as they refined the processes of machining, blending, etching, polishing, and coloring of Damascus steel. The Eggerling Bespoke pistols represent the fruits of that labor—a crowning achievement.

A list of stunning features the proud owner(s) of the Eggerling Bespoke pistols will enjoy begins with the shimmering hues within the Damascus steel itself, drawn forth by Eggerling’s skill. The mesmerizing colors are enhanced by matching patterns from frame to slide, reminiscent of Arabesque designs artfully crafted by some ancient swordsmith. From the diamond front sight to the crystal-clear Lucite grips that reveal the modified window cut magazines, every component has been carefully hand built and assembled. Despite their similarities, these pistols were made to be distinct from one another and feature different front slide designs, making each one unique.

For the Eggerling Bespoke pistols, Cabot has utilized every aspect of our acquired knowledge and attention to detail. From countless hours spent forging, aerospace-tolerance machining, hand finishing, and polishing, to assuring the woodgrain on each case matched perfectly, this set of pistols is truly a bespoke vision from concept to execution.

Finally, Cabot Guns is the world’s first gunmaker to mint virtual art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. Both Bespoke-01 and Bespoke-02 will be accompanied by NFT’s for their proud owners. Each NFT is fully tradable with unparalleled protection and provenance for ownership and will reside on the blockchain until a time when, perhaps, mankind as we know it will cease to exist.

Each pistol—serialized as Bespoke-01 and Bespoke-02—rests in a custom, hand-built wood case. Each case is itself an example of relentless craftsmanship by master box maker Steven A Parker, member of the Society of America Period Furniture Makers and The Guild of Master Craftsman. Museum grade Claro Walnut was chosen for the book matched outer enclosures and each features grain perfectly aligned from front to top, oil-rubbed to a lustrous finish. The interiors continue the use of book matched Claro Walnut and grasp each Eggerling Bespoke pistol with a Cabot-designed Freedom Fit, which allows the full beauty of these Cabot masterpieces to be seen in all their glory. Both 16” x 14” x 6” custom cases are meticulously designed and built to last for generations.

These pistols are more to us than beautiful products of full-artisan Damascus. They represent a series of obstacles overcome. When faced with an opportunity to innovate or improve, Cabot never chooses convenience over quality. Every frame that bears the Cabot logo enters our facility as American made bar stock and is machined entirely in house. This is far from the most economical approach, and we are often asked why we go to the trouble. The answers range from material quality, supporting the American workforce, and maintaining complete control for each customer’s project. While the untrained eye may not always be able to identify these differences, when viewing the Eggerling Bespoke pistols, no one can deny it is absolutely worthwhile.


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