Elemental. Opposite. Yet perfectly matched. There have always been examples of pure symmetry in nature. Summer and winter; air and water; earth and sky; yin and yang. While not exactly harnessing these eternal, relentless forces of nature, Cabot Guns is proud to introduce another instance of its kind: Fire and Ice, perhaps the most beautiful set of pistols ever crafted, an astonishing pair of matching, mirror-image 1911 pistols.

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It is one thing to build a single pistol that represents the seeming pinnacle of everything that can be contained in a 1911-framed firearm, but quite another to surpass that achievement to a level and degree exemplified by Fire and Ice. Imagine standing atop Mount Everest only to look up and see Neil Armstrong waving at you from the surface of the Moon.

Superlatives fall woefully short while attempting to portray these gorgeous, meticulously-made pistols, with uppers, lowers, and most of the small parts hand-crafted from artisan Damascus steel. Another form of layered and artisan-forged steel blended with Titanium—known as Damascus Titanium—is used to form the grips and triggers for Fire and Ice.

Adorning this special foundation are a couple of spectacular, galactic-level touches: 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite front and rear sights, and never-before-seen vivid blue sapphire magazine releases. Despite these startling adornments, the true art captured in Fire and Ice is the refinement of the finish. Over the years, Cabot has developed unique skills in finishing Damascus, but this is a new achievement. First, the deep etch creates a topographic surface. The freshly contoured Damascus is then extensively hand polished. To top it all off, a final Black Ice diamond-like carbon finish is applied.

At this point, the Fire and Ice set already resembles its name as the interplay of light causes the color of the guns to shift as they move in the hands. And, as if that isn’t enough, Cabot has added unique cocking buttons, also made from Damascus Titanium, to help rack the slide.

Fire and Ice consists of the right-hand gun perfectly paired with a left-hand gun that is completely inverted, right down to the rifling in the barrel.

With most pistol purchases, one is left to their own devices with regard to accessories and tools. In the case of Fire and Ice, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, matching accessories were also included with this pistol. These accessories include the one of a kind Damascus hammer a Damascus Titanium bushing wrench, along with a custom knife, all crafted from the same material slabs of Damascus and Damascus Titanium used in the creation of these magnificent guns.

Would someone go to the trouble and expense of making these fine works of art and provide nothing in which to carry and display them? Also included is a custom-made case, hand-crafted by master casemaker Marvin Huey.

Fire and Ice. The new standard by which all 1911 pistols will be measured.

Watch the Video below for a behind the build look at Fire and Ice.

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Fire & Ice was commissioned and built for a customer.

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