2022 Gun of the Month Club

A New Cabot Exclusive Delivered Each Month of 2022

For some collectors, owning one Custom Cabot 1911 can be the crown jewel of a collection. However, for those looking to assemble the ultimate collection, we have curated an entire series of limited edition pistols. Cabot is offering a collection of 12 limited edition cabot offerings for 2022. One for each month of the year! Cabot pistols are crafted in-house from the finest materials and constructed to the highest tolerances in the industry. We have limited the production of each month’s offering to only 22 items so we can guarantee delivery dates, and each piece will have a custom serial number to ensure provenance.


The Duke

The world has slogged through the adversity of the past two years but now is the time to ‘get back at it’ with some swagger in 2022 and nothing has more swagger than The Duke!  The Duke “kicks the door in” on the 2022 Gun of the Month Limited Edition as a full government-length traditional Cabot 1911 that develops artful contrast in textures and sheen of the full stainless steel construction. Chambered in .45ACP, a carry-cut muzzle and extended magwell, The Duke will make a bold impression from its trusted position in your holster through your draw, fire and mag change.  The Duke’s swagger is topped off with warm grained ironwood grips, distinctly Cabot Tristar trigger and a white gold bead front sight. The world will be watching, so be bold with The Duke! 

Caliber: 45acp


The American Joe Collector

Back in 2012, the American Joe was our very first foray in crossing the rubicon between art and pistol.  The art was commissioned under the direction of creating a straight out celebration of pure Americana.  The Full size American Joe has always been rare and limited to 10 units in the years where it’s been offered.  For the 2022 members, we’ve reimagined the American Joe by uniquely combining a lustrous polish with a black Plasma Diamond-Like- Carbon finish. Cabot Blue is the most difficult finish we have ever produced but we couldn’t resist adding that to the small parts, making our homage to the red, white and blue, even more special.

Caliber: 45acp


The Obsidian Rhone

Few things bring us as much joy at Cabot as taming chaos and refining it into something beautiful. For this limited edition Rhone, we took inspiration from the chaos of volcanic eruptions that result in one of the most beautiful glasses produced in the natural world. The Obsidian Rhone features a deep black plasma DLC coating which showcases its glassy polished flats. Furnished externally with one of the densest and darkest woods on earth, the polished ebony grips add another layer of natural beauty.

Caliber: 9mm


The Double Dragons

Throughout history, Dragons have been portrayed as both good and evil.  In the far eastern mythologies, Dragons were beneficent creatures that had an air of prestige around them that went so far as to make them the symbol of the Chinese imperial family for centuries.  While in the West, these same behemoths were nearly always depicted as masters of destruction, darkness and sin.  It is in this vein, we are producing the first mirror image set of pistols ever for Gun of the Month, The Double Dragons.  This left and right handed set of our iconic Drakko Garra’s are adorned with TiMascus Grips and triggers as well Sapphire tipped pins and slide stops to make this pair of 1911s cool enough to satisfy the good and evil in all of us.

Caliber: 45acp (left and right)


The Hummingbird

FEGA Master Engraver Lee Griffiths is a titan in the world of hand-engraving. Lee’s origin story resonates with us. His is a phenomenal tale of self-instruction, handmade tools, late night and early morning practice, and a dogged pursuit of perfection. The almost holographic effect seems to manipulate light and shadow before your very eyes, an optical illusion created by exquisitely strategic angled engraving. Exquisite detailed elements of a Hummingbird and Butterfly highlight this master work and 12,000 year old mammoth tooth has been harvested and tamed into grips for this timeless pistol.

Caliber: 45acp


The Rebellion Tactical

The Cabot Rebellion is the evolution of the 1911 purpose built around the 9x19mm cartridge, and includes an entirely new extractor, lugless barrel and sand cut rail system to improve the reliability of that round in a lightweight pistol.  Taking this concept one step further, we have created the Rebellion Tactical Package which includes a Stainless Steel frame with integrated accessory rail, one piece magwell, red fiber optic front sight, Ambidextrous thumb safety, a Plasma DLC coating and checkered Ebony grips.  But we took this one step further and included a holster, mag pouch and carrying case that transforms into a plate carrier with level IIIA soft body armor so you and your pistol are always ready for anything.

Caliber: 9mm


The Belligerent Torino

There’s that feeling when you want to slam the pedal to the floor and blast a tornado of dust and noise as you power through a couple donuts around the parking lot.  Yes, we built that into a Cabot! Our venerable Torino GT 1911 is tuned-up with our famous Belligerent treatment with a ported barrel that will stabilize your shot and turn heads with its full-throat retort…just a bit belligerent! Styled in a “Bandit” black DLC with gold accents, a gold bead front sight, and gold-matter artisan carbon fiber grips reminiscent of a Trans-Am blasting down a Texarkana highway! The Belligerent Torino is a full-sized 1911 chambered in traditional 45ACP that will make you smile with flat-out speed!  

Caliber: 45acp 


Initium Dark Matter

Initium, 17th century Latin meaning in the beginning. The evolution of man certainly involved making tools.  A cutting instrument was fundamental and knives have remained a central instrument to mankind for millenia.  In that quest man has always made strides for a better cutting instrument.  Sandrin Tungsten Carbide blades have exceeded the performance of all metal cutting previously made by man.  Unparalleled material hardness of 71 Rockwell (HRC) provides for the greatest edge retention ever seen.  This special edition made exclusively by our collaborative partner Sandrin Knives features a Dark Matter carbon fiber handle to match the grips on your Belligerent Torino. A full length of 9.85 inches including the blade of 4.72 inches is completely made from a proprietary grade of flexible tungsten.  With a similar density to gold the blade weighs in at 8.81 ounces.  The blade is polished to a mirror polish and finished in a Diamond Like Carbon finish.  It’s also the most precisely made knife in the world with a blade thickness parallelism of +/- 0.0003 inches.


Optimus Prime

Far from it’s sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeform namesake, the ACW Optimus Prime is anything but “robotic” or “modular.”  Every component is hand fit and blended by human hands. The slide, and accompanying small parts are all engraved by hand and then polished and blued to accent the Color Case Hardened Frame. Mammoth Ivory grips with polished nitre blued screws put the lid on the jar of this classic All American tribute to John Moses Browning.  Alchemy Custom Weaponry is our line of classically gunsmith crafted pistols, made under our roof and Optimus Prime is the first to be included in GOTM.

Caliber: 45acp


Cabot Perazzi HiTech

Since the birth of Cabot Guns, we have watched different companies and held certain brands in high este

Our First Shotgun Collaboration!
Since the inception of Cabot Guns back in 2011, Founder Rob Bianchin took inspiration as to the excellence of storied Italian shotgun maker Perazzi as an example of excellence in the world of firearms.  Over the years Rob has visited the Perazzi factory multiple times developing a personal relationship with Mauro Perazzi which has culminated in this offering. It is with pride that we present this collaboration to bring you one of the best shotguns in the world, the choice of many Olympians, Kings and heads of state.  Built upon the successful HiTech Perazzi platform, the co-branded shotgun features an all nickel action, a 12 gauge 3-inch chamber, upgraded Turkish Walnut and an adjustable stock.  There will also be an opportunity to have your stock custom fitted at either Perazzi California, one of several shooting events in early 2022 or at the factory in Italy.  Made exclusively for our Gun of The Month Members.



An artist never knows when or where inspiration will arise. In the case of this limited edition commander sized pistol, it came right from the backyard. Acknowledging the various difficulties that life encounters in the desert, Otto Carter found great admiration in the ability of cactus to thrive in such difficult terrain. This commander sized pistol uses a tri-top slide to signify the harsh landscape in which these amazing plants flourish, and features windows which allow us a view inside. The interior cellular structure of the cactus is emulated in the hand engraving which adorns the slide and is further featured on the ironwood grips. With a rugged finish and carry friendly bobtail, the Saguaro is designed to help you thrive in even the harshest of environments.

Caliber: 45acp

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