2020 Gun of the Month


12 Limited Edition 1911 Models for 2020

Only 20 of Each Model Will be Produced


For some collectors, owning one Custom Cabot 1911 can be the crown jewel of a collection. However, for those looking to assemble the ultimate collection, we have curated an entire series of limited edition pistols. Cabot is offering a collection of 12 limited edition 1911 pistols for 2020. One gun for each month of the year! Cabot pistols are crafted in-house from the finest materials and constructed to the highest tolerances in the industry. We have limited the production of each month’s offering to only 20 pistols so we can guarantee delivery dates, and each gun will have a custom serial number to ensure provenance. 

The Offerings

Please note, each image is a digital rendering and the final models may have minor aesthetic differences

January- The Demon GT

Inspired by our popular Gran Torino SS, the Demon GT has a unique two tone finish with hand polished flats, our ACW Ledge Rear Sight and Red Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Grips.  

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-1-1 to GOTM20-1-20

Please note, each image is a digital rendering and the final models may have minor aesthetic differences

February- The Son of Drako

Our February offering is a Commander size version of our full-size dragon inspired Drako Garra 1911 but distinctively refined with our Black Ice  Diamond-Like-Carbon finish.  All black with hand polished flats, the Son of Drako will be a menacing addition to your collection.  Other refinements include a stainless steel bead front sight, Dante swooping style rear sight and Ebony Fibonacci grips.  

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-2-1 to GOTM20-2-20

March - Golden Joe

The Golden Joe, a unique take on a perennial favorite, the American Joe Commander. Featuring a gold Titanium Nitride finished upper and lower with hand polished flats, contrasting black small parts and piano black ebony grips.

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-3-1 to GOTM20-3-20

April - Case Color 1911

  Our April delivery is a distinctive classic Color Case Hardened pistol. Beautiful, yet durable, color case hardening has been prized by collectors for over a century. Adding contrast this beauty are high polished stainless small parts including the safety controls and barrel. Grips for the Color Case 1911 offering are crafted from American Holly, an American indigenous hardwood. (Knife not Included)

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-4-1 to GOTM20-4-20

May - Prospector ICON

The ICON is a perfect representation of modern clean minimalism design applied to the 1911 platform.  The Prospector features a Black Ice DLC finish, polished TiN Small Parts and a gold bead front sight adding a glint of luxury.  Crafted entirely from stainless steel, including the grips, the Prospector chambered in .45acp is the flattest shooting 1911 you can ever imagine. 

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-5-1 to GOTM20-5-20

June - Belligerent Gentleman

Our Gentleman’s Carry 1911 is one of our most popular models, but some say its too refined.   We can’t help our nature towards the refinement of the 1911 but  here we present a LOUD variant for the cad in all of us.  The Belligerent Gentleman with a ported barrel and slide ensures everyone at the range knows that you’re the boss.  Designed for the not so meek shooter, the Belligerent Gentleman is the equivalent of driving a car without a muffler but with the added shooting benefit of reducing recoil flip. Constructed from a block of stainless steel and featuring a hand polished Gold TiN barrel and trigger along with midnight black glossy ebony wood grips. 

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-6-1 to GOTM20-6-20

July - Damascus Tornado

When it comes to making a pistol from Damascus, our unmatched experience in machining and finishing is in a class of one. The July 2020 offering features a stunningly intense patterned Damascus stainless steel upper containing a whirlwind of tight winding layers of steel reminiscent of a Tornado. A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel embodies both strength and beauty. Adding distinction to this offering are stainless steel skeletonized grips inspired by a bird’s nest. Utterly unique, utterly Cabot, utterly collectible.

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-7-1 to GOTM20-7-20

August - Rhone

You’ve never seen a bull barrel Cabot 1911 until now. Designed by Cabot Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland, Rhone is the carry gun of your dreams. Both tool and art, our August offering features a bull barrel design with tight carry cuts, our ACW Ledge rear sight and a flat serrated trigger. Our in-house frame has been augmented to allow for a higher undercut under the trigger guard providing a lower bore-axis assisting in less felt recoil.

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-8-1 to GOTM20-8-20

September - Rebellion VC

Based on a yet to be released Cabot Model (codename Rebellion) this gun incorporates the most significant mechanical innovation in the 100-year plus history of John Browning’s iconic design. We can now share with you that we reimagined and redesigned the extraction system that will take the reliability of the 1911 platform into a new era. This limited Rebellion uses a stainless steel frame and will feature the popular Cabot Vintage Classic Finish.

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-9-1 to GOTM20-9-20

October - Valley of Darkness

Valley of Darkness will be the first time Cabot Guns has collaborated with the talent of Dark Alliance Customs to produce a truly unique engraved pistol.  The artwork, depth, detail and finish will be something never seen before on a 1911.

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: GOTM-10-1 to GOTM-10-20

Please note, each image is a digital rendering and the final models may have minor aesthetic differences

November - Cabot Safari

When hunting big game, you want a big gun.  The Cabot Safari is a full size 10mm 1911 with integrated Damascus Steel Barrel compensator to help with the extra kick of the powerful round. In order to keep your hits on target, the Cabot Safari also comes with a Trijicon SRO Red Dot sight and integrated Frame Rail and Extended Magwell/Mainspring Housing.

Caliber: 10mm

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-11-1 to GOTM20-11-20

December - NERO Damascus

Last but not least, the NERO Damascus merges beauty and function – and all in a Commander size package – for the ultimate in Damascus steel tactical style 1911.

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: GOTM20-12-1 to GOTM20-12-20

All images are digital renderings, final guns may have slight aesthetic differences.  Cabot Guns reserves the right to make minor changes to delivered guns

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