The Iron Quilt 1911

A Symphony of Steel and Artistry

From the masterful hands that shaped Eggerling Mosaic Damascus steel, Cabot Guns presents a magnum opus: The Iron Quilt 1911 pistols.

Tracing back to 4,000 BCE, our ancestors harnessed the magic of meteoric iron, crafting tools that stood the test of time. The Egyptians, in their wisdom, named these deposits the “metal of heaven,” a nod to their astral descent. Throughout the annals of history, iron and quilted patterns have danced together, from the silk roads of ancient China to the battlefields of medieval Europe.

While history saw iron and quilted fabrics as separate entities, Cabot’s visionary alliance with the renowned Robert Eggerling has woven them into a singular tapestry. The result is a breathtaking mosaic that resonates with the allure of heavenly metals. The Iron Quilt’s slide is a testament to craftsmanship, with myriad steel squares harmoniously fused and forge-welded into a Damascus steel of unparalleled beauty.

Its final visage, achieved through a meticulous acid etch method, juxtaposes deep contrasts with a tactile richness. One could be forgiven for mistaking the Iron Quilt as a relic of pure iron. From its precision sights to the artfully skeletonized hammer, it exudes a carbon-esque aura, yet caresses the hand like the finest silk. And its crowning glory? A brilliant diamond, cradled in a halo of gold.

The Iron Quilt’s grips tell another tale, sculpted from the residual mosaic Damascus of Cabot’s legendary California pistol endeavor. This steel, with roots in the suspension cables of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, now bears the bridge’s silhouette, etched with precision by the Blacksmith. These sister pistols, christened Quilt-1 and Quilt-2, proudly chamber the timeless .45 ACP.

Accompanying each masterpiece is a custom case of museum caliber, hand-forged by the esteemed furniture virtuoso, Stephen Parker.

Blending the rugged allure of age-old iron with the precision of modern-day marvels, the limited-edition Iron Quilt 1911 pistols promise to be a celestial treasure for a duo of elite aficionados.

The Iron Quilt 1911s: SOLD

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