Cabot Leviathan

One of a Kind Engraved Damascus Steel 1911


Cabot Guns is proud to present Leviathan, a 1911 pistol whose very nature demands inclusion in our coveted OAK collection. Leviathan radiates a spectrum of intricate color and texture, emerging from raw Damascus steel wrought by renowned metal artist and blacksmith Robert Eggerling.

The primordial Leviathan permeates recorded history, a near-deity, entwined between myth and reality. Cabot artisans have wreathed this Leviathan with a spirit of both chaos and beauty. A glance at the pistol’s serpentine patterns calls to mind the same emotions ancient mariners must have experienced when the terrible beast burst forth from the deep, scales aglow and eyes afire.

And while the writhing patterns and textures of Leviathan’s slide may command first attentions, the hypnotic cerulean swirls and eddies that encompass the grips and trigger are equally mesmerizing. Mysterious patterns adorn Leviathan at every turn. The ancient Leviathan was known to have abilities far beyond any other in creation. Legends tell of the water around Leviathan’s body boiling as it surfaced, and uncountable ships sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean, charred by withering fire from the immense serpent’s mouth.

Leviathan is a full, government-size 1911 that breathes its own flames as each .45 ACP round erupts from the match grade barrel. The fortunate wielder of Cabot’s Leviathan will enjoy complete control over this iconic creature, utilizing golden rack-assist discs and a matching gold-dot front sight.

The fabled Leviathan rested among the ocean’s ebony depths. Cabot’s Leviathan nestles in a gorgeous case, custom-crafted in Italy from alligator hide which, in itself, provides an ancestral connection to the great beast who ruled the oceans, unchallenged, for millennia. A striking plaque graces the inside, testament to Leviathan’s distinguished pedigree.

Leviathan embodies the dichotomy of its status as the strongest among all created things, while maintaining an essence of humility before its Creator, who has always been the source of its formidable power.

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