Mirror Image Pistol Sets

For a small percentage of the world, perfection simply isn’t enough. They never stop improving, never cease challenging themselves, and never tire of searching for the pinnacle of excellence. For this breed of the cultured elite, Cabot Guns now offers perfectly inverted matching 1911 pistol sets - fully customized to the exacting specifications of our clientele.

You’re old friends with the Jones 1911, our flagship pistol. You’re well acquainted with our National Standard, Jones Deluxe, and RangeMaster models. Most recently, you’ve been introduced to our young up-and-comer, the American Joe. You know quality when it’s placed into your hand, and you’re now ready to lay eyes on quality perfected. You’re ready to commission Cabot Guns to create solely for you a matched-set of our nonpareil 1911’s.

From the design table through to the final stages of finishing, our matched pistols are un-matched in their materials, design, and build qualities. We’ve again started with the same ultra-high quality American 4140 billet or stainless steel from which we breathe life into these masterpiece firearms. Our design team perfectly inverted their build plans to ensure that the pistol set you’ve commissioned is delivered as a true left and right handed 1911.

At Cabot Guns, we’re committed to doing the things our competitors believe to be impossible. Unlike other manufacturers, we didn’t stop simply with mirrored control surfaces and a reversed ejection port. We engineer your pistols to be perfectly inverted true-copies of one other, going so far as to reverse the rifling in the left-handed model to guarantee smooth, true felt recoil and follow through directed towards the shooter’s palm.

When you commission a matched set of collector grade Cabot 1911’s we pull fresh billet steel from our reserves and begin work on another pair of our master creations. Your set is fully customizable, not only with any of the 100% interchangeable parts of our entire Cabot Guns 1911 line, but also with any client-specific engraving or etching you may desire.

The possibilities are limited only by what you may dream; where others have told you that “the sky is the limit,” we at Cabot Guns are here to tell you – let yourself dream beyond the sky, let us create for you that which has never before been seen. You’ve seen what exists, now meet what is possible.

When you’re ready for the engineers, machinists, and craftsmen of Cabot Guns to turn what used to be your wildest dreams into your new realty, contact Cabot Guns at (724) 524-1002. Let us be the gatekeepers to your firearms fantasy.

Pistol sets are available in left and right handed pairs starting at $12,000 and pricing goes up based on materials and finishing.

Read a review of a Cabot Guns mirror image pistol set by industry expert S.P. Fjestad’s by clicking here.

Interested in your own Cabot Mirror Set? Call (724) 524-1002 or fill out the form below to begin.

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