Cabot Moonshot

A 1911 Encrusted with Lunar Meteorite

Impossible feats of firearm engineering and design are commonplace in the Cabot galaxy and the truth of that assertion is exemplified in the newest achievement from the artisans at Cabot Guns: The Moonshot, a One of a Kind (OAK) custom 1911, encrusted with stony fragments of the moon.

The biblical creation account in Genesis 1 affirms that God made two great lights. One of those – the moon – governed the night. Throughout subsequent history, humankind has been beguiled by the silver-white glow emanating from Earth’s closest galactic neighbor. From ancient times, nearly every culture has worshiped one or more lunar deities. Mesopotamia’s Sin, Egypt’s Khonsu, Rome’s Luna, and China’s Chang’e are joined by hundreds more. There is a fascination with the moon that permeates our psyches.

For almost as long as we have worshiped the moon or its various deities, we have also dreamed of traveling to the glowing orb we see most every night. Rhetorician and satirist Lucian of Samosata is credited with the first fictional account of lunar travel. Lucian’s fanciful tale was written sometime in the second century, CE (Common Era).

Centuries later, that goal was finally achieved, accompanied by Neil Armstrong’s (often misquoted) statement, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This natural successor to Cabot’s stunning meteorite pistols – The Big Bang Setwas crafted using lunar meteorite material and features a detailed depiction of the so-called Christmas Star—the great conjunction (alignment) of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred December 21, 2020. Moonshot’s slide is finished with colored enamel that depicts Jupiter and Saturn next to each other as they appeared on that night.

A dynamic view of our solar system—from the perspective of the lunar surface—is captured by the painstaking placement of lunar meteorite, small diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold inlay. These and other precious materials fire the imagination as they portray planets and stars racing along their celestial paths. The space-black slide provides the perfect backdrop for planetary orbits, shooting stars, and meteorites, rendered by Lee Griffiths’ expert touch. The astronauts and Apollo lunar module featured on the grips were cut out of steel plates, sculpted, and then carefully welded into place.

Heavenly 4.5-billion-year-old iron meteorite was also used to craft the front and rear sights, along with the gold magazines’ base pads. Finally, the pistol’s beautiful trigger was formed from Eggerling Mosaic Damascus. Combined with Griffiths’ other dazzling work, the Moonshot becomes an homage, not just to the first moon landing in 1969 and other historic Apollo missions, but to adventurers, explorers, and heroes throughout time.

With the Moonshot, Cabot has created a unique connection between the most iconic firearm on the planet—the 1911 pistol—and the pinnacle of engineering and scientific achievement: the lunar landing.

American heroes emerged victorious from two world wars, in part, through the ingenuity, reliability, and quality that underpin the 1911. Carrying these iconic pistols, our heroes journeyed into unknown and untold battles, and each time—with indomitable, heroic spirits—vanquished their foes.

Cabot founder Rob Bianchin collaborated with Benoît Miniou and the dream catchers (Attrapeurs de rêves) of Parisian design house, Les Ateliers Victor to create a timeless capsule in which to store these lunar riches. The Moonshot case is crafted from a solid piece of Aerospace grade aluminum and adorned with Egyptian hieroglyphs that articulate an ancient prayer to the stars and moon.


A special key is required to remove the star-studded outer cover. Custom fasteners were created to resemble lunar modules and function in the same manner as those that secure space cargo. Inside, lies a skeletonized solid titanium sliding lid, secured by a combination lock of rotating planets. A code—defined by the exact alignment of the planets to their positions at a certain historically significant date—is required to gain access to the treasures within.

The Moonshot rests in a hand-crafted leather interior and, nestled just below the pistol, Cabot has included a special Sandrin Torino knife. The Torino’s space-age polyhedral tungsten carbide blade is complemented by a custom grip that brings to mind how Earth might look, when viewed from the surface of the moon.

And, finally, to connect the heroic accomplishments this exclusive pistol represents with those yet to come, a Moonshot NFT will be minted on the blockchain for the digital collectors.

CABOT MOONSHOT 1911: $250,000 OBO


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