The SOB - Son of Relic

LIMITED OFFERING - Only 10 Units for 2019
“Relic” defined as an object from the past… often valued for its meaning or importance in history. As a staunch proponent of American ingenuity, expertise, craftsmanship, and especially the importance of building products in America from American material, Cabot Guns has created a modern 1911 pistol that exudes the sense of an ancient relic, yet still retains all the space-age qualities and micro-tolerances inherent in every Cabot pistol.


Each Unit Hand Engraved

Cabot Guns is proud to introduce the Cabot SOB – Son of Relic.  A new bespoke offering production limited to ten (10) units per year.

Imagine the wind plucking at your clothes as you ride westward. Whether crossing the Continental Divide, walking the dusty streets of Dodge City, or sitting in a private salon engaged in a gentleman’s game of cards, Cabot’s Son of Relic would look at home on any American trailblazer’s hip—and it will settle comfortably on the hip of those fortunate few who obtain one of the handful that are available.

The innovative acid etched finishing may resemble the sepia tones of an old photograph, but this SOB is no faded paper relic. While the antiqued finish would certainly have been at home on the range, it is actually completely new and state-of-the-art in construction. The sepia-toned acid etching process used to create the pistol’s rich palette of pigments is painstakingly completed by hand. Inspired by the original prototype Relic pistol, Cabot craftsmen begin each SOB with a pure, stainless steel 1911 and then work to bring out a range of natural colors that do make the Son of Relic look like an ancient find from the old west.

As the antiqued colors and character draw you in, your eyes become lost amid the intricate Germanic scrollwork. Each pistol is hand-engraved in labyrinthine detail by FEGA Master Engraver Otto Carter. Mr. Carter has previously crafted a number of custom 1911 pistol works of art for Cabot Guns including the Sixth Commandment, The Legend of Sacromonte, Pandemonium and, most recently, Le Nouveau.

The SOB’s grips, glistening with the color and character of semi-precious stones, are also individually crafted from unique yet complimentary ancient Mammoth Ivory, which contains tones similar to the pistol’s antiqued finish.

No detail is overlooked. From our unique reverse dovetail front sight to billet-made hammer, from the front and rear straps to the precision-grade deep curve Tristar trigger, the Cabot SOB Son of Relics controls are all crafted with the unparalleled precision and quality you expect from a Cabot Gun.

Cabot’s obsessive commitment to excellence paired with Otto Carter’s masterful handiwork have combined to create this exclusive, heirloom-quality 1911 known as Cabot SOB – Son of Relic. Chambered in .45 ACP and available as a limited production of only ten pistols per year, this is one relic that will be treasured for generations to come.

Add it all up and this is one amazing SOB that you’ll be proud to claim as your own!


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