The FJG Ultimate Mirror Image Pistol Set Collection

Superlatives are fast becoming coin of the realm for Cabot Guns. Regarding Cabot, S.P. Fjestad—author, editor, and publisher of the Blue Book of Gun Values—called the company that specializes in truly world-class 1911 pistols, “The Rolls Royce of 1911s.” And just in case that glowing recommendation isn’t enough, Fjestad flatly states that Cabot makes, “the finest pistol ever produced.”

Mirrror Image 24 kt Gold Pistol Set With Hand Engraved Scoprion Imagery On Mammoth Ivory Grips

Fortunately for Cabot, there are two things the owner of the FJG Ultimate Mirror Image Pistol Set Collection loves: Cabot 1911 pistols and machine guns. And because one is never enough, 1911 pistol sets are the preference. With FJG’s kind permission, Cabot Guns is excited to share this selection of unique and perfectly matched 1911 pistols from the owner’s collection of more than twenty Mirror Image Pistol Sets.

Deluxe Grade Stainless Pistol Set, Hand Polished to a 2 Micron Mirror Finish and Stainless Steel Grips Engraved by Master FEGA Engraver Lee Griffiths.

As you browse the FJG Collection, you may wonder, ‘What sort of person demands this level of perfection and craftsmanship?’

Unabashed individualism helped nurture the famous work ethic that shaped our great nation. That distinctly American spirit also embodies the attitude of the owner of these beautiful pistol sets. The FJG Collection is owned by a quintessential self-made man; one who has intelligence and commercial savvy, but also the drive, know-how, and hands-on skills to create a thriving international business venture. As this esteemed collection’s owner is known to say, “FJG single-handedly makes Americans look good.”

Mirror Image Left and Right-Hand Pistols. Model: Drako Garra

Speaking of Rolls Royce, the venerable motorcar manufacturer’s website declares, “You don’t just purchase a Rolls-Royce, you commission it.”

That statement—and the ethos behind it—could easily be applied to the master craftsmen at Cabot. The FJG Ultimate Mirror Image Pistol Set Collection is living proof of that very philosophy. Cabot ensures the pistols in every set we build are perfect mirror images of one another.

Right and Left-Hand Matched Set of Damascus Ladder Deluxe pistols. Deep etch sculpted finish and folded steel grips.

FJG, along with Cabot Founder and CEO Rob Bianchin, share a passion for perfection which permeates and informs every aspect of their lives. Men like these don’t strive for excellence in just one arena, it’s the fuel that drives every endeavor, but especially the 1911 pistols Cabot creates and FJG collects.

The Cabot Icon 1911 in a mated pair of left and right hand 1911’s

What makes the FJG Collection as unique as their owner, a man who lives by the old axiom, “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”? Cabot doesn’t take shortcuts and we don’t stop at mirrored control surfaces and reversed ejection ports. Our pistols are designed and engineered as completely inverted copies of each other. Cabot craftsmen go so far as to reverse the barrel rifling in the left-handed model to help guarantee smooth, true, felt recoil and follow through, which ensures the pistol’s energy is properly directed toward the shooter’s palm after each round is fired.

Custom Mirror Image Pistol Set With Ancient Mammoth Grips

FJG’s diverse collection also includes custom details such as personalized serial numbers, and hand engraved grips are utilized for each unique set.

The Cabot S100 with Meteorite Grips, Meteorite Triggers and Meteorite Sights. Constructed As A Mirror Pair.

So what kind of person collects the world’s finest pistols? One who says to himself at the end of a long, successful day, “You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned it.”

Custom Government Size Pistol Set Finish In Color Case Hardening, Polished Stainless Small Parts and Book Matched Mammoth Ivory Grips.

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