Cabot 1911 Options Gallery

Below you can find a selection of our most common options.  Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and that some exotic materials may not be available at all times.

Front Sights

Our front sight uses a proprietary reverse dovetail that pushed the sight in from the front of the slide.  This keeps the lines of the slide uninterrupted and also ensures the front sight post cannot drift and cause your pistol to lose zero.

Rear Sights

Our rear sight cut is an industry-standard Novak Style dovetail.  Most of our pistols come standard with our Cabot Ledge Rear U-notch sight.   You can find the various rear sight upgrades we offer below.

Cabot Red Dot Mount

We designed the Cabot Red Dot Mount to allow your Trijicon RMR footprint-compatible red dot to be attached to your pistol as low and far back as possible while still allowing for lower 1/3 cowitness sights.   The red dot comes with black serrated front a rear backup sights as the only opiton.  Please watch the short video below for more details.


The right set of grips can completely enhance the appeal of a 1911, that’s we only select the best materials to become Cabot Grips.  Please note that natural materials such as wood and mammoth have variations and each piece is unique. 

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