Cabot Bianchi Holster


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Designed and modified for Cabot Guns by John Bianchi, a legendary holster maker.  A combat concealment holster inspired by a holster originally designed by John Bianchi to honor his old friend, the legendary Col. Charles Askins, shooting author, soldier of fortune, great white hunter and pistolero who made gun history for 50 years. This classic holster has been imitated and copied the world over but is brought to you directly from the original designer.  Custom enhancement made for Cabot includes our trademark star at the front of the holster and a smooth leather lining.

Handmade, one at a time especially for you, The Cabot Bianchi embodies the best features of the very early Avengers with the addition of several improvements to enhance comfort, speed of access and eye-appealing form fit. The unique streamlined belt mounting system provides greater comfort and quick access with minimum bulk. A timeless, reliable design featuring an immediate master firing grip. Consider this a “Forever Holster”.

Fits a full-size Cabot 1911 and most Government size 1911’s.  Available in Right or Left Hand

Made to fit on a 1 1/2″ wide heavy trouser belt

Magazine pouch sold separately. Belt not included.

Color: Chestnut

Made in the USA

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