Cabot Titan

One of a Kind Engraved 1911


Cabot Guns is proud to present the Titan, a true one of a kind 1911 pistol from our coveted OAK collection.

The term “titan” may conjure thoughts of Greek gods, a Saturnian moon, or early industrial age businessmen. However, the Cabot Titan is related to none of those. The first aspect one notices when gazing upon this heirloom-quality pistol is the otherworldly engraving. The almost holographic effect seems to manipulate light and shadow before your very eyes. The Titan appears deeply engraved, but that is an optical illusion created by exquisitely strategic angled engraving.

FEGA Master Engraver Lee Griffiths is a titan in the world of hand-engraving. Lee’s origin story resonates with us. His is a phenomenal tale of self-instruction, handmade tools, late night and early morning practice, and a dogged pursuit of perfection.

The Titan features stunning art and scroll design work that Lee himself developed, coupled with Cabot’s peerless engineering and all-stainless construction. The Titan is chambered in .45 ACP and is a full Government-size 1911 with an uncluttered, smooth design. Notable aspects include a clean front strap, mainspring, and top slide, finished with stainless sights.

One titan of the ancient world is featured in this hand-engraved masterpiece: the Titans beautiful grips are crafted using 12,000-year-old material from mammoth molars. Mammoths had no peer in their day and are truly worthy of the name “titan.”

Where does one display and store a unique pistol that will never be replicated?

In a custom bookcase, of course.

The case is a titan in its own right, with sides that appear as pages—complete with binding stitches—and a lid held in place by hidden rare earth magnets. The interior features our freedom design fit and boasts another hidden rare earth magnet to hold the gun in place. The case can be placed vertically, like a book on a shelf, and will feature a custom plaque made for the Titans owner and placed inside the lid.

Whether you are Cronus, Zeus, or a mere mortal, we are sure you will be in awe of the Cabot Titan.


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