A Limited Edition Hand Engraved 1911


Cabot Guns is proud to introduce Nosferatu, a limited edition of 13 pistols hand engraved by FEGA Master Engraver, Otto Carter.

Cabot Guns’ “Nosferatu” 1911 is an extraordinary masterpiece of American firearm craftsmanship that takes you on a captivating journey into the realm of vampire mythology. Inspired by the classic movie “Nosferatu,” this pistol is a true work of art, and its story extends to even the finest details.


The engravings on the “Nosferatu” 1911, skillfully handcrafted by FEGA master engraver Otto Carter, breathe life into the legends of vampiric folklore. These engravings, arranged in a series of vignettes, are framed with unique Victorian-inspired shapes and motifs. As your fingers trace the lines, you’ll discover traditional Victorian corner treatments and intricate patterns, such as olive branches and leaves, weaving a cohesive narrative that embodies the essence of darkness and immortality.


Otto Carter’s craftsmanship extends beyond mere imagery; it delves into the realm of texture and technique. Employing bead blasting and stippling, Carter creates nuanced shades and textures in the backgrounds, providing depth and dimension to the engravings. The figures themselves are meticulously polished and sanded, creating a stunning contrast between them and their haunting backdrop. This interplay of light and texture elevates the pistol to a true work of artistry.

The exclusivity of the “Nosferatu” 1911 adds to its allure, with only 13 pistols ever to exist, each bearing a unique serial number from “VAMPIRE1” to “VAMPIRE13.” To complete this mesmerizing masterpiece, high-gloss piano ebony grips, adorned with Cabot medallions cast from solid silver, provide a final touch of luxury and distinction.

The coffin-shaped custom pistol case, crafted from solid ebonized maple by Master Guild Craftsman Steve Parker, not only houses this extraordinary firearm but also showcases hand engravings that further immerse you in the world of vampire folklore. Within the case, you’ll find a Holy Water Font, ready to hold this sacred liquid. The inclusion of replica bullets, emblazoned with the image of Nosferatu and adorned with crosses, serves both as a protective charm and a captivating homage to vampire mythology.

In its entirety, the Cabot Guns 1911 “Nosferatu” transcends the realm of firearms and becomes a haunting work of art that flawlessly marries the elegance of a bygone era with the enigmatic allure of vampire mythology.

Nosferatu: SOLD OUT

Only 13 Nosferatu 1911s will ever exist.  A nonrefundable $5,000 deposit is required to hold the pistol with the balance due once the pistol is complete via wire transfer or ACH.  Please note the expected completion time is 2-12 months.  

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