• “Mr. Jones is the Rolls Royce of 1911’s … I had always considered Korth from Germany the reigning champion for producing the world’s finest revolvers and pistols, so it was nice for me leaving Denver knowing that a U.S. company had dethroned the Germans fair and square” – S.P. Fjestad, Author, Editor & Publisher Blue Book of Gun Values, Gun of the Week, November 14, 2011
  • “The repeatable precision that Cabot has introduced into the firearms industry is leaps and bounds ahead of any other manufacturer. Tolerances are maintained at levels never achieved by anyone else in the past. This is hands down the best and most precise pistol ever produced, period.”, KC, Crawford, Pistolsmith and former USMC Chief Instructor at Quantico
  • “The Cabot Gun Company has produced a true precision firearm, unlike any other. I had the honor of touring the plant and personally witnessed how each individual part of each gun is given 110% attention to detail. I’ve handled many a handgun in my life and there is NOTHING like the Cabot Gun series of firearms. I bought one on the spot.” – R. Wilson, CEO Cora Corporation, NRA Pistol Instructor, USPSA / IDPA / Steel Challenge, September 2011
  • “I’ve seen these guns, I’ve held them. Beautiful works of art. Ray and his team are true masters.” – SSgt. Leonard Sunday, Chief Pistolsmith for the Marine Corp Shooting Team, Facebook Comment, January 2013
  • “The gun is just outstanding. At the gun shop where I picked it up people lined up to hold it, touch it and look at it. Get this, they took pictures of people holding it for about an hour and a half. I couldn’t get out of the damn gun shop. It was amazing, everyone was just in awe. It was everything I anticipated and a lot more.” – A. Scofield, August 2011
  • “As a 1911 shooter, I can say Cabot Guns has taken a great product and perfected it. Made it into an art. You guys deserve a lot of credit for the pieces you are putting out.” – Scott W. Ellison, Esquire, June 2012
  • “I have had time to check over my CGI Classic and I must say it is everything that you said that it would be. I am quite pleased with it. The fit and finish are excellent.” – J. Juran, September 2011
  • “I wanted to check in and tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. The gun is amazing, the balance is superb, and even though physically I can’t do everything I want I still can shoot the lights out. It is quite an experience firing it not to sound weird but you can feel what John Moses Browning had in mind when he designed this amazing firearm.” – J. Keyes
  • “The entire Cabot Guns line (Jones 1911, RangeMaster,GI/Classic, and CGI/Classic) are groundbreaking pistols in the history of 1911 development.” – Steve Clark,, All-American Know-How for an All-American Pistol, November 2011
  • “… a level of fit and finish rarely seen in firearms.. and … when cycled by hand, the slide and frame mate with such precision that they feel as thought they are floating on a cushion of air.” – Brian C. Sheetz, Senior Executive Editor, NRA Rifleman Magazine, September Issue 2012
  • “I’ve been in the gun business for 53 years. The 1911 is a crowded market but Cabot Guns has really distinguished itself.” – Buddy Savage, Owner, Braverman Arms, June 2011
  • If you collect the best, or can afford the Cabot for a defensive handgun, there is only one question to answer: “Which one in the Cabot line?” Cabot is important in that it is a benchmark in the 1911 annals of history.” – Bryan L. Ciyou, Attorney, Author, Gun Shows Today, February 2012
  • “I’m not a huge fan of the 1911, so it takes something really special to get me to even look at one. At SHOT I found the booth of Cabot Guns, and I’ve got to admit that their guns are special. The quality of machining on their guns is stunning. I actually had to break out a magnifying glass to examine the detail work on the National Standard model he handed me; it was that good. The breechface, for example, is smooth – not a bump or blemish on it. Slide to frame fit was perfect, as was the barrel lockup, and with zero lube on the rails the slide cycled like it was running on linear bearings.” – Grant Cunningham, The Revolver Specialist, What I did at SHOT Show, Part Five, January 2012
  • “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I can’t ever remember a company that has gone this far this fast.” – S.P. Fjestad, Author & Publisher Blue Book Publications Inc., August 2012
  • “As a descendant of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, I feel I have the right and experience to endorse Cabot Guns, a truly top-notch company…. If you admired “Wild Bill”, you’ll be plumb crazy about the professionals at Cabot Guns!” – Jim Hickox, November 2012
  • “These pistols are instant collector items by the virtue of quantity” – DAT85, 1911 Addicts, Mr & Mrs DAT go to Cabot Guns, October 2011
  • “I’m proud to represent this great company”, Joe Mantegna, Tony award winning Actor and Gun Enthusiast, Cabot Guns Wins the NRA Pistol Championship in its First Year of Competition, July 2012
  • “The people at Cabot Guns are a rare breed of geniuses and artists in a vast gun world.” – Lexi Alexander, Academy Award Nominated Director, June 2012
  • “When I racked the slide, it was as if the rails were made of roller bearings. Smooth isn’t an adequate description of how the slide felt during the racking process. Speaking purely from a user/maintainer level, I can honestly say that the Jones is of the finest quality 1911 I’ve ever had in my hands. I’ve been in a position where I’ve cleaned and maintained nearly all the major brands of 1911s, and I’ve test fired them. I know how a good hardballer is supposed to feel and function, and I know a quality handgun when I see one. There are many 1911 manufacturers, and they produce a mighty fine weapon, but sometimes one comes along that has qualities and quirks that place it a cut above the rest. The Cabot is that handgun. Speaking as a military veteran who has had so many 1911s in his hand over the last forty-five years that he can’t begin to count them, I will tell you that the Jones is that one cut-above.” – G. Cooler, December 2011
  • “Cabot Guns President, Rob Bianchin, is obsessed with product quality. There is something different about the Cabot 1911 from any other pistol I’ve won with before. There’s something unique about the action. My guess is that the pistol’s the tolerance fit between the tangs and rails of the gun – built with Cabot’s innovative technology – contribute to the action of the gun. The feel, balance and weight of the gun just makes it easier to shoot.” – Brian Gunny Zins, 11 time National Pistol Champion and Cabot Ambassador, July 2012
  • “I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Cabot Guns, an outstanding new company whose belief in American exceptionalism and dedication to uncompromising quality have resulted in a new standard of precision-made handguns that not only embody the best of what this great nation’s finest machinists, engineers, and master craftsmen have to offer, but are also proof that America’s ability to innovate is still the best.” – Rep. Mike Kelly, Congressman from the 3rd District of Pennsylvania, From the House Floor, February 2012
  • “When you need to make precision shots it takes more than skill alone.  It takes a precision firearm.  Cabot makes guns that make me look good.  When a good shooter shoots a great gun everybody wins!” – Chris Cerino, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 1, Cerino Training Group, after hitting a metal target at 120 yards 5 times out of 5 at Media Day at the Range the first time he shot a Cabot pistol, January 2013
  • “Your gun looks beautiful. The dealer was very impressed. We both exercised the action a few times just for fun and that was it. Smooth as silk. Then, boxed back up and put away, to await permission to take it home. sigh.”  – L.P. January 2013
  • “I absolutely love my Cabot Rangemaster! I have owned this pistol since September and have placed 650 rounds through it, using a variety of magazines and ammunition without a stoppage or malfunction of any sort. It is a tack driver without a doubt. I am very pleased with the fit and finish, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I will not purchase another brand of .45 ever. ” – Michael Castro, Deputy Chief of Police (Ret.), Project Manager, ABQ Regional PPC Tournament and NRA National Police Shooting Championships, Albuquerque Police Department, January 2013
  • “I can honestly say, I have never seen any pistol that combines this level of research, attention to detail and artistry.” – Brian Jensen, GunsAmerica, January 2013
  • “While the process of driving a Ferrari is the same as driving my ’97 Mazda B2300 with 300K miles on it (you got your clutch, shifter, steering wheel), it’s a totally different experience. The same can be said for Cabot. In the ocean of 1911 handguns, Cabot stands out.” – Daniel Terrill,, January 2013
  • “I just picked up my Jones.  Wow!  It is everything you advertise and more.  I haven’t shot it yet, but I have NEVER felt such a smooth action.  What a bonus to have it packaged so nicely.” Dr. D.B., September 2012
  • “It seems that my Cabot has made quite an impression on people at the range (I always let fellow shooters try out my guns) and they keep asking the workers at the gun store about Cabots.  Invariably, my name gets mentioned since I am the only one they know of who has one.  My Cabot sure looks good and shoots like a dream.  Some of the guys at the range, though, claim it’s a “girl” gun since they can’t shoot it as well as I can.  I guess it helps their male egos if they can blame the gun rather than themselves.  LOL.” – Gail. A, New York, March 2013
  • “Mr. Bianchin, I enjoyed talking to you at the IWA in Nuremberg, but what I really enjoyed was discovering Cabot Guns. I’ve been in the shooting sports for almost 30 years, have hade handguns made by 5 of the best custom gunsmiths in the US and they all turned out really good and shoot fantastic, but I have never seen anything like your guns. The slide to frame fit …amazing…as if the slide was running on ball bearings, the haptic feel of the metal finish puts a smile on your face, you just don’t want to put the gun back down. These guns are not just state of the art, they are works of art, masterpieces of quality workmanship. The down side is I don’t think I would want to shoot the guns, it does not seem right to soil something so perfect. I recommend you deliver the guns including a pair of white cotton gloves to keep them immaculate as they are.” – Dr. Michael Racano, April 2013
  • “Wow! My compliments to your engineers and craftsmen. Truly, I have never held such an amazing pistol in my hands. The fit and finish are befitting of the finest scientific instruments. This weapon is simply in a category by itself. Thank you personally for your recommendations and advice regarding options. It’s physical beauty is only matched by the way the slide effortlessly glides along the frame.  I will tell you that the Southpaw has exceeded my expectations while firing perfect strings on moving, stationary and swinging steel targets! Amazing about sums it up. This 1911 is beautifully balanced and a natural pointer. I felt as if it was a natural extension of my arms. Accuracy is simply shattering. I have never had a pistol that was nearly as accurate at any price.” – Major Jon F. Irelan, U.S.A., Ret., May 2013
  • “As the owner of over a hundred historic colt semi-auto pistols from every year from 1902 to 1945 and several modern high end 1911 custom pistols. I was amazed at the quality, beauty, fit and finish of the Cabot I purchased this spring. My only complaint is that when I called Rob with a question, he has now sold me a second Cabot in only a couple months. Kind of feels like this is the end of my collecting, they just do not get any better. Rob’s customer service is personal, quick and responsive. Beware, doing business with these guys as it could be addictive.” – Bob Maw, Judge, Los Ranchos NM July 2013
  • “It’s Gorgeous—But Does it Shoot?  We had a group with the Wilson Combat match ammo that put three shots into a neat three-hole clover leaf pattern. A group with the Hornady TAP put two rounds through the same hole. The Cabot Southpaw is probably (almost certainly) the most accurate handgun I have ever had the privilege to shoot.  First, it is simply a flawless 1911. The finish is a deep, traditional blue, not a spray-on finish. The polishing is masterful, with all flat surfaces truly flat, and all edges crisp and clean. Everyone who saw the pistol at the range was awestruck by the appearance.” – Select extract of the published review by Harwood Loomis of, November 2013.  Read the full review here.
  • “I wanted to let you know that I received the Jones 1911; and it is beautiful!  The pictures on the web site don’t do it justice.  There’s no substitute for seeing it yourself, and holding it in your hand.” – C.B., Kingman, AZ, November 2013
  • I got my MJD. [Editors note: Jones Deluxe] I got the mags. I went to the range and ceremoniously uncased and loaded it. Before shooting it I pondered if I should, perhaps like driving a Ferrari off the lot. Well, I (with trepidation) worked through that and shot it for a hundred rounds. It was pure joy and I have not looked back. My nephew came to town and I took him and his dad to the range. We shot my Kriss just for kicks (he’s 16), Sig 210, Wilson, Ed, Nighthawks…. and I saved the best for last – the MJD. After shooting some of the finest pistols in the world they both looked at the the MJD in awe. Once they fired it – they wanted to shoot nothing else. Not scientific but I would agree with them. Given the choice, I’d choose it every time. Thank you for your help. I look forward to putting more Cabot Guns in my collection. Brian S., Nashville, Tennesee, April 2014
  • “Today was a red letter day. I received my JD [Editors note: Jones Deluxe]. I could not be more happy. It is the most incredibly beautiful 1911 I have ever had the privilege of fondling. Exquisite! You had mentioned taking your JD out just to look at it. I thought I would never do that. Well, I am doing it now! My compliments to those at Cabot who are involved(all of you) in the conception and production of the finest firearms to ever grace the planet.” Ken K., May 2014, Alberta, Canada.
  • As a tool and diemaker and engineer I can honestly attest to the ultimate precision inherent in every Cabot 45 .   Recently I had the chance to visit the gun shop at Cabot and had the honor of holding one of these pieces of art in my hands.  None other like it.  Dean Bruewer, September 2014
  • “The feeling that came to each of us was indescribable. The only thing I assume it might be like is driving the new Porsche 918 Spyder hypercar. We’ve shot guns for a long time. We’ve driven vehicles for a long time. However, I assume driving the 918 would be like nothing we have ever done before; shooting the Black Diamond most certainly was. The sensation was sublime. I would go as far as to dare anyone shooting this gun to describe a single way the experience could be improved.”  Darren LaSorte, NRA Sharp, October 2014, upon shooting the Cabot Guns Black Diamond along with NFL linebacker Edgar Jones and Colion Noir.
  • I just want to say thanks for making the best 1911. I own number 33 in the range master, I own many 1911’s and this by far is the best ! Sincerely, Danny Frederick, October 2014
  •  “Received my Cabot Bullseye pistol and it shoots great.  This finish is perfect. Over the last 40+ years I have fired a large number of pistols but this is the best.  The pistol exceeds what I believed it would do.” – Tom Wietholter, December 2014
  • “I just wanted to touch bases with you to say just how much I have loved my 1911 Southpaw. The guys on my team always fawn over it and I’ve actually been lectured that it is “too beautiful to shoot, let alone to carry everyday”.  But carry it and shoot it I do! It’s a true nail-driver. It is also the first 1911 I have ever owned that will cycle any .45 ACP ammo. I know this because one day I tried 16 different brands, loads and bullet configurations. Including this “test” and the more than 2,500+ rds I’ve fired through it, I have yet to experience a stoppage (not counting training stoppages using dummy rounds). When I’m not on the range I have it loaded with jacketed hollow points per department policy.  I’m very proud of my Cabot pistol and its unparalleled accuracy makes me confident that should the need arise, I can take that high risk shot with confidence. This pistol just gets better each time I shoot it…which is at least weekly.” Maj. Jon Irelan, January 2015
  • “So, are other 1911s more accurate than this gun? I don’t think so. I think this is about as good as you get there. It’s certainly as good as I get. Are there more reliable 1911s out there? I doubt it. Not more than the factory-tweaked and tested Black Diamond. It’s not just that it ran a lot of rounds, it’s that it ran so many different kinds of rounds, from a guy trying to cause a failure, and still be fair about it. The Black Diamond 3.0 ran like a champ, as advertised.
    I spent another night in Pittsburgh and thought about it. After passing on this gun twice before, would I want it now? Yes. Absolutely. Here’s the big one [ED: from a combat vet]: would I trust my life with it? Yup. Any day of the week. Would I carry it? Every day of the week.” Jonathon Wayne Taylor, TTAG, February 2015
  • “I wanted to write you a quick email extolling the virtues of your firearms.  Late last year I purchased a lefty [Editors note: South Paw model], and the first time I took it to the firing range was nothing less than amazing… The first 32 rounds went right through the center of the target at 15 feet … I could never accomplish that kind of accuracy with any other gun but a Cabot. Thank you for making such a quality piece of art that doubles as a firearm and please let your employees know that their hard work and attention to detail is much appreciated.” – T.W.  Danville, IL,
  • “I just came back from the range today.  Shot 300 200gr match target hp.  Not one misfire and the most accurate out of the box of any gun that we have ever shot.  Considering this is your entry model [Editors note: model S100], you all should be applauded for your efforts.  Along side of the Cabot we were shooting a Wilson Supergrade.  Although the gun shoots very accurately it does not have that feel that the Cabot has.  There were three of us shooting.  At 70 I was the worst shot yet at 15 yds I consistently had 2-21/2 ” groups.  Jason my son would shoot over and over again with 5 shots in 1 inch.  He got so giddy that he had to stop to gain his composure.” – E.S., Arizona, October 2015
  • In reference to the Cabot S103 Commander: “As an owner of 1911’s from Wilson Combat (including Supergrade), Nighthawk Custom, and Les Baer, I wasn’t expecting what I found in the DNA of this 1911.  It was, by far, the most accurate, smooth, easy to carry firearm I’ve ever owned.  I honestly can’t take it out of the holster rotation.  Nice problem to have (now I have to start saving for the next perfect option from CG)!” – J.R., July 2016
  • ” I own a Wilson professional, Ed brown, and numerous colts,sig’s,and kimber’s. Hands down no comparison the commander is the smoothest most accurate of any that I own.” – Tony, October 2016
  • “I have had my LH 103 for a couple months and you have knocked it out of the park once again. It is both a work of art and an extremely accurate firearm, all in one!. I can’t think of another of my possessions that I feel so strongly about; Cabot makes a firearm that is light year’s ahead of anything on the market. I just received my 1911 display case and it is beautiful. It is sitting in my home office where I get to see it display one of my Cabot’s everyday!” – T.W., Illinois, December 2016
  • “I wanted to write to you about my first experience using my new Cabot S100. I received this new firearm from you early in September. There was a small group of onlookers when the package was opened at my shooting club and the reaction from all was amazing. It was like ohhh, a new toy that was a piece of art. Anyway, I brought new Cabot home and put it away, bringing it out to wipe it down regularly and saying to myself I can’t shoot this beautiful piece of engineering and manufacturing art.Well after much begging from my son I brought it to the range.  I must say, the Cabot S100 was worth the wait and it shoots like a dream. The best handgun I have ever had the experience shooting. It was dead on accurate right out of the box. My son was laughing when he was shooting it because he never experienced such a beautifully shooting firearm that was so accurate.  Cabot is way ahead of any of the commercial manufacturers for quality, perfect finish, and perfection out of the box which none of the others can or have provided.” -C.Z. New Jersey, December 2016
  • “You guys have definitely exceeded my expectations, what an awesome 1911. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. A few of my friends were salivating quite heavily when they got a chance to hold the gun. Needless to say your product has left a lasting impression with them as well.” – T. Johnson, Texas, December 2016
  • “Just picked up my Monarch last night which is my third Cabot (have a Jones, and a S-100).  While my expectations were high, you guys have exceeded them with the Monarch.  I am stunned at the finishing and details of this pistol. I have never seen such blueing.  Colt comes close with their Royal Blue offered on their Pythons, also the blueing I have on a Korth pistol.  What a polished mirror finish on the slide in conjunction with the matte frame finish and the awesome grips. This all sits on the cutting edge technology the action is built with.   Also, I completely forgot about the wonderful case it comes it.  Just wonderful!” Bill. F., GA, April 2017
  • On the S103 South Paw: “the pistol that is 100 percent southpaw-friendly is still a relatively rare thing on the market, and purpose-built left-handed guns—to the point of being designed to the exclusion of the right-handed majority—virtually remain the stuff of legend. That makes the S103 Limited South Paw, from Pennsylvania-based custom M1911 maker Cabot Guns, something of a unicorn in a world of horses. We first mounted the gun in a Ransom Rest and tested three ammunition loads through it, cleaning the S103 thoroughly between each five-shot group. Under these circumstances, the gun demonstrated phenomenal accuracy, producing groups between 1/2″ and 3/4″ at 25 yds. with all three loads tested. This is truly remarkable accuracy for a handgun at this range; some groups were so small as to defy accurate measurement, given the .452″ diameter of the projectile.” – The American Rifleman, October 2017
  • On the Drako Garra…” There is probably not much I can say that you have not already heard many times before.  This gun is really a work of art – it is hard for me to believe this is, for all practical purposes, an “Entry Level” Cabot. The fit and finish are perfect. I looked long and hard for a flaw and could find nothing. I have owned numerous Wilson Combats, Nighthawks, STI, and Korth (to name a few of the higher end guns) – and I can honestly say that none of these compare to the Cabot.  That is not to say the others aren’t fantastic regarding some attribute, but the Cabot checks ALL of the boxes. It is a beautiful gun.” – John Baker, May 2018.
  • The pistol itself was everything I expected and then some. The metal work is unparalleled by any other company. The fit and finish was outstanding. The trigger made me giggle, the way it broke was most surprising. The weight was perfect. I personally don’t care for to light of a trigger, but this gun strikes the perfect balance between light and perfect, Oh Yeah!  The way it breaks also has a unique feel. I could go on and on about everything from the pistol to your company. I am a Cabot Fan for life.  – Stuart S., July 2018
  • On the Drako Garra chambred in 9mm… “When I tell you that I have never owned a gun that has a personality, this is a first. The slide cycles so fast, that it’s hard to keep up with the gun. When I’m aiming, it’s like the gun is drooling at the chance to be fired. It’s a pitbull. Even the range officers at the police academy were highly impressed with it, and that’s saying something considering that they compete. I don’t know whether or not this gun is cocky or confident!” – Anthony D., November 2018
  • “The car world has Bugatti and Lamborghini. The watch world has Patek Phillipe and Rolex. And now, the gun world has Cabot.” – Colion Noir, NRA TV
  • “As a former police officer and Marine, I have always had an appreciation for fine firearms. I was a firearms instructor in both law enforcement and now In the civilian environment. I have several 1911 type pistols that would be considered luxury or premier class guns but until I received my Cabot “Gentleman’s Carry” I realized I had only scratched the surface of owning a truly functional work of art. Not only is the pistol beautiful, incredibly accurate and a pure pleasure to shoot, it carries comfortably with no printing. Out of the box one hole accuracy at 7 yards 10 shots offhand and 50 rounds all in the scoring area on standard Gunsite target from 7-25 yards. Again, all offhand. A gun I feel comfortable staking my life on.” – J.H. Missouri, August 2019

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