The SOB Raven

A Limited Edition Hand Engraved 1911

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Shortly after the death of England’s Queen Victoria, the Rolls-Royce Company launched its maiden motorcar, the six-cylinder Silver Ghost. Within a year it was hailed as the best car in the world. More than a century on, the Rolls-Royce marque still graces some of the finest automobiles on the planet.

This same level of craftsmanship lives on today, most notably within the environs of Cabot Guns. The most recent result of Cabot’s uncompromising pursuit of 1911 perfection is the latest in our coveted SOB series: The SOB Raven.

SOB Raven is a full-size 1911 that cuts no corners. Every detail is engineered with performance and safety in mind. The gun’s all-stainless-steel construction and custom features combine the best elements of a custom carry pistol with the impeccable styling expected from “the Rolls-Royce of 1911s.”

Adding his gifted touch of exquisite art to Cabot’s world-famous form and function is FEGA Master Engraver Otto Carter. SOB Raven is hand-engraved by Carter, with inspiration from 19th century Victorian ephemera. Unlike most ephemera—from the Greek ephemeros, meaning “lasting only one day or short-lived”—this 1911 will maintain its quality and beauty for generations.

The design of this new SOB version has evolved and features a bolder treatment than its predecessors. Carter’s hand-worked artistry seamlessly overlaps from slide to frame. The linear, flowing shapes are complemented by the aged patina to create a unique antique style.

Cabot wholeheartedly believes a carry gun can be both beautiful and meticulously engineered yet remain a tried and trusted lifesaver, as dependable as the sunrise. From our trademark aluminum Tristar trigger to the aesthetic and highly functional rhombus checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing, every component is designed for both style and function.  Indeed, our philosophy is that a gun is the sum of its parts and Cabot components are made to precise tolerances that have no peer among 1911s. There’s no doubt, the higher the tolerances, the better a machine works. That principle applies equally to a Rolls-Royce jet engine and a Cabot 1911 pistol.

Although those fortunate enough to own an SOB Raven will want to show it off, the bobtail grip helps to conceal this powerhouse at one of its most critical exposure points, while the carry cuts aid in holstering. Grip panels formed from exotic Hawaiian hardwood blend beautifully with the tone and texture of Carter’s masterful work.

Nothing points, shoots, or handles quite like a 1911. And that holds doubly true for this arranged marriage of handcrafted Victorian art and twenty-first century engineering that is SOB Raven.

The Cabot SOB Raven is a Limited Edition of 20 Pistols that will be delivered from December 2021 through July 2022. Your build slot and serial number will be based on a first come, first served basis.


To order your Limited Edition SOB Raven, select your options from the list below and place your deposit.  Once we receive the order we will confirm the options and give you an estimated delivery date.  Final Payment and FFL shipping info aren’t required until the pistol is complete.


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