St Micheal's Banderole

A Cabot One of a Kind Custom 1911

Made from a combination of Damascus Steels from Jason Morrisey and Robert Eggerling, as well as 4-Billion year old Meteorite, Cabot Guns is Proud to reveal St Micheal’s Banderole. 

Who doth have the courage and credence to defend the grizzled hands of the warrior? Who lifts the challis as the protector of the protectors?  St Michael raised the defender’s sword as the original warrior when he vanquished Satan from the peace of the heavens to a fiery existence in the anguish of Hell; thus seizing the mantel as the eternal guardian over all warriors who defend their God, family, and country from the aggression of evil.  The only resume of St Michael’s courage is worn in his scars and campaign ribbons from the eternal battle of good versus evil and the battlefield prayers for his protection by the most fervent warriors throughout the ages.

St Michael’s Banderole is a tribute to courage and responsibility built upon a slide of Jason Morrissey Banderole Damascus with artisan patterning reminiscent of the banners of war from the English Royal Banners, to Japanese Hataa-Jirushi, to Nordic Raven Banners, and uncounted Heraldic Flags from around the world and a generational eternity. The Damascus patterns tout regal geometries and windswept, tattered edges emblematic of the battle flags flying over warriors praying to St Michael for his protection as they take up arms against an oppressive evil. 

Poised in the top slide window is St Michael’s sword engraved on the barrel ardently pointing in the direction of aim.  

The recoil cover is relieved to expose the scrolled inscription of the St Michael’s prayer that is eternally integral to the pistol and the soul of the warrior.  Only a small portion of the prayer is visible at any point in time, but wholly embraced at all times.   “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle against the wicked, we humbly pray.  Power of God.  Into Hell Satan!”

Ironically positioned olive branches encircle the deep crowned barrel at the muzzle to epitomize that the maintenance of peace requires the protection of the possession of the most violent of capabilities. Peace only exists in a world poised for defense. 

St Michael’s Banderole hand grip is elegantly sculpted and representative of the banderole streamers topping battle flags in the grasp of unrelenting warriors on the acrid fields of war.  The streamer sculpting of the hand grip extends to the Robert Eggerling artisan Relic Damascus grip panels with a micro-patterning of battle flag geometries.  The magazines artfully replicate the streamer cut to fit seamlessly into the handle grip and display a fully engraved image of St Michael slaying evil.

The trigger is high polished Eggerling Damascus patterned in a traditional layered motif as a homage to the ancient Damascus swords with elite strength and flexibility in the hand of a warrior.  

The front and rear sights are elegantly shaped from weathered Gibeon meteorite.  Rugged and rustic the sights came to earth from the Heavens and are a constant reminder of your responsibilities in every aim as your eyes focus on the origins of St Michael himself. 

The backstrap of the grip handle is strategically engraved with St Michael’s cross and the most fundamentally essential of prayers, “St Michael Protect Us”, keeping these sentiments held tightly in the palm and tightly in the protector’s consciousness. 

St Michael’s Banderole is a respectfully ageless tribute to the warrior Archangel and an equally eternal reminder of our own responsibilities to face evil with courage under the protective banner of St Michael. 

St Michael’s Banderole: SOLD

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