The Black Diamond Deluxe


Black Diamond Deluxe – Wearing a finish unlike anything the world has ever seen and sporting grips formed from Mammoth teeth making their first appearance above ground in centuries, the Black Diamond Deluxe combines the cutting edge of technology with the deepest annals of history – leaving its owner with a pistol unparalleled both in function and aesthetics.

If the Mammoth tooth grips, each particular set capturing a specific hue of history and chosen by the shooter as part of the crafting process, haven’t grabbed your gaze and held it firmly upon first glance, then Cabot’s unique black blued finish will hold your attention for eternity. Staring into the endless abyss of black ingrained into the frame and slide, hours can be lost simply attempting to comprehend the overcoming awe of your eye’s deception. The mortal brain simply cannot fathom whether it observes the finish of steel, or the black depths of time and space reflected back from the better-than-mirror-perfect finish of gleaming jet black on American 4140 Billet Steel, hardened to the test of time using Cabot’s proprietary methods.

What is form without function? To the master craftsmen at Cabot, the two must be synonymous. The Black Diamond Deluxe follows true to Cabot’s commitment to perfect performance, though warranting of a place atop your mantle it was designed to be carried at your hip. Precision checkering along the front and rear straps provide for a firm shooting grip, micro serrations along the length of the top of the slide an uncompromisingly stable view upon which to frame a three-dot sight picture employing Cabot’s proprietary Blind Sight front sight – fitted from the front of slide leaving no interruption to the depthless black finish atop the Black Diamond Deluxe.

Grip and sight picture makeup two of the three interfaces between shooter and pistol, and on the third interface, Cabot has spared no detail. The act of firing is where machine and man become one, where technology and humanity meld, and where most 1911’s fall short of offering the best in their fit to the shooter. The Tristar trigger, another sight to behold on the Black Diamond Deluxe, is much more than an aesthetic addition. Cabot’s engineers have devised a process to knurl the raised and rounded edges of the trigger, allowing the shooter’s finger to conform to an ergonomic curve rather than a flat trigger surface.

The Black Diamond Deluxe is a true shooter’s gun wrapped in a collector-grade finish. It’s precision as much a topic for conversation on the range as it is in your study. Backed by Cabot Guns’ obsessive commitment to quality, no other pistol will sate your need for perfection – no other pistol can possibly measure up to the promise of the Black Diamond Deluxe.

Model RETIRED after only 50 Units Produced

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