The Left and The Right

Ballistic Art: Great American Pistols for a Great American Debate

Crossing the rubicon between firearms and fine art Cabot created this one-of-a-kind pistol set simply called The Left and The Right.  The pistol set illustrates elements of a great American debate on firearms of 2013 and was crafted for exhibition at SHOT 2014.  The pair are true mirror images of one another with the exception of the images on the handles. The grips of the right-hand gun depict President George W. Bush on one panel and Ted Nugent on the other while the left-hand pistol grips feature President Barack Obama and Piers Morgan.

While oriented towards one another, the right-hand pistol depicts Ted Nugent and the left-hand gun depicts Piers Morgan.  As the guns are positioned in opposite directions, the grips show President Barack Obama facing to the left while President George W. Bush faces right in representation of political ideology.

Fine art Scrimshander, Darrel Morris, was commissioned to carefully handcraft the art on each grip.  The art of scrimshaw – engraving on bone or ivory – dates back to the 1700s. Scrimshaw works are created by punching tens of thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the ivory and filling them with black oil paint. This technique takes hours and hours of meticulous labor, but it makes it possible to achieve very delicate gradations of tone resulting in incredibly lifelike images.

“As they face each other, Piers Morgan, advocate for the left and Ted Nugent face off in debate over gun control.”

Cabot pistol sets are true mirror image pistols. The left-handed pistol is built from the ground up from a block of billet steel; it is not a converted right-handed pistol. Not only is the ejection port engineered to the left, but all small controls have been inverted. Even the rifling in the barrel has been reversed.

“Political ideology are depicted by Presidents Barrack Obama and George W. Bush. As the left-handed gun points left President Obama is featured while as the right-handed gun points right, President Bush.”

Pictured above: Artist and Scrimshander Darrel Morris, Ted Nugent, and Cabot President Rob Bianchin at SHOT 2014

“Ballistic art,” proclaimed Ted Nugent who viewed the set at SHOT 2014.  The pistol set is not available for sale nor has it been sold.  What will happen with it?  We don’t know.  But we think it’s an important work of art.  Cabot has literally put the gun control debate of 2013 on the object of the debate in a way no other firearm company could do.

The exquisite hand scrimshaw on each grip panel is akin to the finest Bulino engraving, truly a work of art.

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