The S103
Our *5-Star Rated Carry Gun


For daily carry, many refuse to stray from the 1911 pattern of perfection. Through years of modification and iteration after iteration of “improvement,” the industry has created variations on the original John Moses Browning design tailored for carry – accomplished in part through modification of the internal design and function of hallowed 1911. At Cabot, this departure from perfection was deemed unsatisfactory. At Cabot, instead we do it right, and we do it better. With those words on our lips and that promise in our blood, we birthed the Cabot S103 Commander – a reengineered vision of the perfection embodied in John Moses Browning’s pistol model of 1911.

Unlike other non-Cabot Commander size 1911's , the S103 is engineered to feature the same stroke like as a full size 1911.

What truly separates the Cabot S103 from an industry oversaturated with imitations truly lies beneath. Where other Commander models fundamentally alter the 1911 design by shortening frame rails, adjusting the cycle length to shorten rearward travel, and affecting the timing of recoil and feeding – the Cabot remains true to internal ordnance prints. To the eye, the S103 appears a standard commander-length slide and frame, but upon takedown the shooter discovers that the internal dimensions of a full-size 5” barreled 1911 have been preserved. Your Cabot S103 Commander has the same cycle length and internal function as the ever dependable sidearm designed by Browning which has served armed forces worldwide for over a hundred years – “full cycle technology” as our engineers have termed it. The proven pedigree of the 1911 has been re-engineered in carry-size to ensure better feeding, consistent ejection, and above all – reliability. You’ll sacrifice nothing in electing to carry the Cabot S103 at your side..

Crafted from meticulously crafted components with features such as diagnol rhombus checkering - effective and beautiful.

Second only to the importance of reliability in a gun designed for carry is that of grip – one which is easily obtained, effortlessly maintained, and repeatable ad infinitum. To this end, the Cabot S103 is both tool and art, all the while sacrificing neither. Cabot’s premier wire-EDM cut Tristar trigger set to 3.5 – 4.0 pounds of pull is housed in a trigger guard contoured and relieved for the shooter’s hand – a high-rise cut underneath provides for a more positive grip on the pistol. With precision machined rhombus checkering along the main spring housing and full face of the front strap, a firm and consistent grip is yet another aspect of distinct. Further expanding on Cabot’s attention to detail, the S103 comes wrapped in Fibonacci inspired spiral designed grips, featuring the Cabot shield beautifully inlaid into the grips.

The S103 brings to those hunting for daily-carry perfection a no compromise compact, reliable and concealable 1911.

Also Available in our “Limited” finish which includes Satin Polished Flats and Black DLC coating on the small Parts and grip safety.

Also available in full left-handed configuration, this masterpiece comes in a stainless finish, or as an option for added protection and distinction Cabot’s black Diamond Like Carbon finish. The S103 awaits your orders. Take full advantage of Cabot’s mirroring process, and for the first time bring home a pair of perfectly matched left and right handed 1911′s.

Current Delivery Time: 9 Months

The Cabot S103 has been Retired

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