The S103 Southpaw


New for late 2016, and after over a century of history of the 1911 style pistol, Cabot Guns is pleased to present the industry’s first-ever offering of a true left-handed Commander size 1911.  And in the tradition of Cabot Guns, we not only made the first ever inverted Commander size 1911 but we built it like a tank from a block of American stainless steel to unparalleled tolerances and added the innovative features of our S103 Commander.

Cabot engineers went about rebuilding the South Paw Commander as if it had been designed for lefties from the ground up. Thirty-one components were designed, engineered and constructed in-house at Cabot to not only make the world’s only left-handed carry 1911 but one of the finest 1911s ever crafted.  At the heart of any 1911 is the “timing of a gun,” that perfect cycle of the 1911, a magic alchemy of the classic Browning full-size pistol which has endured for over a hundred years.  When the U.S. military sought a carry version of the classic 1911 the Commander was born by “shrinking” the internal dimensions of the pistol.  This shrinkage of the classic 1911 to a Commander size version fundamentally changed the timing and perfection of the classic 1911.  More specifically, the rails on the frame and slide are shortened in Commander size 1911′s altering the length of the pistol cycle during firing affecting feel, extraction and ejection.  We’ve carried over the innovations in our Full-Cycle S103 Commander to its left-handed brethren because compromise is not part of the Cabot philosophy. 

We inverted John Moses Browning’s 1911 design perfectly. Everything, has been mirrored and tailored for use specifically by those of the left-handed-persuasion which not only includes a left side ejection port but all small controls: left-hand thumb safety, left-hand slide stop and an inverted magazine release. Other features include Cabot’s reverse dovetail front sight, a superior method of installation as compared to other 1911′s that eliminates drift of the front sight while enhancing structural integrity while guaranteeing it’s sighted at zero.  The South Paw Commander is enhanced with features that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional.  The no-slip Trinity cocking serrations are best in class in assisting the operator to cock the pistol in situations where the operator’s hand is compromised by sweat or fluids – try it for yourself against any other 1911 serrations on the market.  We also reengineered traditional checkering on the front strap and main spring housing by turning it 45 degrees and precision cut in a rhombus configuration to increase traction in the hand.  With precision expected from a Cabot pistol the South Paw comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1.5 inch groupings at 25-yards right out of the box.

No longer is a left-handed shooter forced to settle for a right-handed pistol with ambidextrous controls; instead, we’ve created a 1911 that’s all your own.  Stop thinking about it, you already know that this is the pistol your shooting hobby deserves; you’ve earned the right to a pistol as individually perfect as you are, bring home your carry size South Paw and become a part of the Cabot Guns family.

Model Retired – See the new National Standard Southpaw 

The Cabot S103 Southpaw

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