The Time Traveler

A quest for perfection, a journey of learning in the art of the employment of meteorite in the hands of man and the advancement of the 1911-style pistol, Time Traveler represents a new frontier in the aesthetic possibilities of this fascinating four-billion-year-old material. As with time, the creation of this pistol was a journey, and we are pleased to present it as part of our OAK Collection (one-of-a-kind series) of distinct custom work.

The meteorite grips on Time Traveler represent an expansion of our knowledge and craft in the refinement and options in working with meteorite.  The initial inspiration for the Time Traveler grips was the Big Bang Pistol Set grips, which also display the exterior bark of meteorite, as well as the mirror-polished interior section of meteorite.  Journeys tend to deviate on unexpected paths, and this was the case for Time Traveler. Previous experience with meteorite had led to a thesis that, with some risk, we could draw out additional natural color elements of meteorite so we presented our client with an idea to take our craftsmanship a step further.  To be sure, it was a risk but when presented to the client for approval the response was a resounding, “Go for it! No risk, no reward!”  And so we forged ahead, and the result was beyond our imagination – and unlike anything that has been seen before.

The vessel (pistol) for Time Traveler was crafted in-house from a block of terrestrial (U.S.A.) soured stainless steel, reduced to individual components using the precise modalities of aerospace construction.  Each component perfected and constructed with hair-splitting precision. A Commander-size 1911, designed and engineered with the full stroke of a Government-size 1911, thereby uncompromising of Browning’s iconic design.

For its journey, Time Traveler is housed in a secret agent case, complete with pneumatic-assisted door hinges, a pivoting magwell, and ballistic-grade acrylic door panels so the beholder can enjoy its beauty.  In addition to the unique meteorite grips, this capo-lavoro features a meteorite trigger, meteorite front and rear sights, and meteorite base pads, finished to exhibit the prized Widmanstatten pattern.  This coveted pattern is a naturally-formed structure, created through the stretching of molecules following the intense cataclysmic collision of planetesimals billions of years ago and the cooling of their cores (iron meteorite) at the rate of a few degrees every million years.  It is fitting that the remarkable journey which was brought this material to Earth from the heavens has been captured and exposed for its amazing features in the Time Traveler.

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