Limited Edition Full Damascus Steel 1911

A sign of wealth since biblical times, weapons forged from Damascus steel were prized by warrior kings across the known world. Valued for its beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of its holder’s power but was also believed to contain mythical properties. Cabot Guns has forged its own legendary Damascus to bring you a pistol we call the Ultimate Carry 1911.

The search for perfection in life is as old as our human existence. Cabot pursues that same ideal as applied to the art of pistol craftsmanship. Design, materials, workmanship, finishing . . . perfection may or may not exist, but we continue to passionately seek it.

The Cabot Ultimate Carry has an upper and lower crafted from 120 layers of stainless, artisan-forged Damascus steel. The frame, slide, and one-piece extended magwell are all made from this mesmerizing material. In fact, this is the first Cabot 1911 pistol to feature extended magwells formed from Damascus—a feature that requires its own sizable block of custom steel to achieve.

The Ultimate Carry comes with the owner’s choice of lucite or figured walnut grips. Those who choose lucite will enjoy a crystal-clear view of their .45 ACP rounds loaded into custom engineered magazines. The Ultimate Carry’s front sight receives royal treatment as well, with a genuine diamond set securely into a golden circlet. Availability for our Ultimate Carry is limited to a small number of units per year. Each of the five pistols on offer for 2023 will feature custom serial numbers from ULTCARRY1 to ULTCARRY5.

Cabot’s legendary mission is to blend the rarest materials with skilled craftsmanship and create the most beautiful pistols on earth. Ultimate Carry achieves our goal twofold: a stunning 1911 forged from fabled Damascus steel that is also eminently suited for everyday carry. Those fortunate enough to own an Ultimate Carry will possess a pistol aligned in spirit with the mythical Damascus swords of old. Those blades were carried proudly and imbued the wielder with confidence in battle. Crusaders returning from the Holy Land told of Damascus steel blades cutting through everything from shimmering silk to stone, along with more practical targets like an adversary’s inferior blade, all while maintaining their edge.

The Cabot Ultimate Carry 1911 pistols are offered for the discerning shootist who desires the highest possible ideal for their Commander-sized 1911. Carry on!

The Ultimate Carry 1911s: SOLD OUT

Only 5 Ultimate Carry 1911s will be available in 2023 and they are ready to ship to your FFL.  Please select the Serial Number below of the pistol you would like to add to your collection.  A nonrefundable $5,000 deposit is required to hold the pistol with the balance due in 30 days via wire transfer or ACH.  If you select a serial number and receive an error at checkout, that means it is no longer available and the website has not yet been updated.











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