The Wave Damascus 1911s

3 Limited Edition Pistols

The Wave Damascus pistols; an exclusive run limited to three hand-crafted 1911s and finished to heirloom quality.

In school, we all learned that the speed of sound through air is 1,125 feet per second. But who—outside of engineers—will know that the speed of sound through steel is over 10,000 feet per second?

The Wave Damascus appears engulfed in sound. Embedded waves shift and modulate along the entire length of the hand-forged Damascus steel slide and down the custom grips. These unique patterns could evoke a wild Jimi Hendrix guitar solo, or represent the sonic disruption caused by a .45 ACP round as it explodes from its cartridge, races the length of the pistol, and erupts from the barrel… destined to unerringly find its target.

The carbon-black U-notch rear sight cradles a sparkling, diamond-adorned front sight, and presents a vibrant sight picture. The mag release is nestled within perfect reach of the bearer’s thumb and is formed by a brilliant blue sapphire housed in a golden circlet. The frame, barrel, hammer, and Cabot’s signature Tristar trigger are all clothed in a distinct carbon-black finish.


Serial numbers WAVE-1OF3, WAVE-2OF3, and WAVE-3OF3 signify the true uniqueness of the three Wave Damascus 1911 pistols—the only three that will ever be created using the special Damascus billet forged in the fabled workshop of master blacksmith Robert Eggerling.

The Cabot Wave Damascus 1911 pistols are a spectacular symphony of design, engineering, and art—brought to a crescendo by Eggerling’s metallurgical enchantment.


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