The Wolf Set

Custom Damascus 1911's


The alpha wolf arrives. A black apparition traversing the gray. Elegantly quick and deliberately bold to capture attention and set a chill deep into one’s soul. The fading light of dusk gleams along anthracite fur and sparks its hungry eyes alive with the glint of diamond. Muscle, fur, and enamel build the beast, but it’s the refined firing of its neural network—deep within its brain—that instinctually commands the pack and ultimately forms the alpha.

Eggerling Artisan Damascus Steel

Inspired by the precision sleekness of the alpha wolf, Cabot Guns presents: The Wolf Set. A mirror-image pair of pistols that comprises totality in the refinement of forged metal, machined artistry, and elegant form to function. The Wolf Set redefines the pinnacle of Damascus artistry.

The Wolf Set pistols were born in the brain of Robert Eggerling. Long before this “master of masters” in the art of forging Damascus stacked the first piece of steel, he could envision the bookmatched twist that overlays his neural-network Damascus pattern. So deliberately intricate, as if the firing of Eggerling’s own nerve synapse—a streak of creative lightning from forging hand to brain neurons—was frozen in metal to create the most organically refined Damascus steel billets ever forged in fire. To permanently marry these billets to one another, Eggerling utilized an opposition-twisting technique to bookmatch the billets, never to be separated again. The perfect backbone for The Wolf Set pistols.

From old-world forge to high-tech mastery, Cabot Guns employed state-of-the-art techniques, strict specifications, and mechanical artistry to transform the neural network billets into two perfectly bookmatched pistol slides and coordinated grip panels. The Damascus is finished with a refined polish and proprietary etching process that is intricate, sleek, and black enough to chill your soul.


Diamonds, sparkling like wolf’s eyes, accent the front sights and grip screws to add a distinct refinement and predatorial gleam.

Trigger pads are forged from Eggerling’s distinct mosaic Damascus and the hammer, from refined 120-layer Damascus.

These exquisite pistols are housed in a briefcase created by the legendary Goyard Company of Paris. Cabot Guns enhanced the case further with a custom Parker Macassar ebony insert, French-fit to cradle the pistols securely but always at the ready. While comfortably secure and concealed in the Goyard briefcase, the Wolf Set is coupled with Damascus knuckles by elite blacksmith Jason Morrisey, which also include a diamond pinnacle accent.

The case’s final accoutrements include a custom-grip screwdriver in ironwood, a silver Cabot Guns shield logo engraved by master engraver Layne Zuelke, and magazines with Gibeon meteorite base pads.

The Wolf Set pistols embody the presence of the alpha wolf: Sleek and elegant with gleaming accents. They are beautiful in form and dangerously capable in function.


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