The Trump 45


America’s pedigree of greatness was born in the resilience of a colonial few who took up arms in defense of the natural and unalienable rights bestowed upon them and their fellow man by a benevolent Creator. Their fortitude and determination led to the creation of the greatest of nations. With love of country in their hearts, tools in their able hands and the American Spirit in their souls, they forged an American dream of unbridled passion for doing the impossible – and doing it better than it had ever been done before. Today we are continuing that tradition with a yet another crowning achievement, Cabot Guns’ TRUMP 45 pistols, a single collection of pistols and opportunity of your lifetime.

During the age of those founders and through over two hundred years of American history since, this great nation – united under stars and stripes – has from the cradle of its domestic womb elected one man at a time to lead them. One man to unite them in patriotism, one man to guide the future of their nation with his leadership and vision. Those men are the American Presidents – to date, only forty-five of them have walked the earth.

In celebration of the 45th American President, the 44 who have gone before him and the smooth transfer of power within the American political system that has been a hallmark of the greatest-nation, Cabot Guns presents the TRUMP 45 commemorative 1911 pistols. Only forty-five identical TRUMP 45 Pistols will ever be produced, each with an honorable nod to previous American Presidents with serial numbers ranging from WASHINGTON01 through TRUMP45.

Cabot’s commitment to a great American product in the form of this most-significant pistol is a tribute to the monumental efforts by which President Trump is Making America Great Again. Let it be known that Cabot’s testament of “American-made” is in fact a 100% guarantee and is in full support of the President’s initiatives to advance American business and promote American products. When we say “American made” we don’t just mean “put together” in America. Instead, we do truly mean that the pistol you hold is a 100% American 1911.

Loud and proud in an unashamedly American fashion, the left side of the pistol’s slide is emblazoned with “TRUMP 45,” while the right reads “45th President of the United States.” Unmistakable in their glory, independent in their beauty and unforgettable in their implementation – the TRUMP 45 pistols are American artisanal craftsmanship made manifest.

And so, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all guns are *not* created equal. The TRUMP 45 collection is unlike any 1911 collectible handgun ever before produced. Cabot asserts that 100% of parts in each of the TRUMP 45 pistols – and in all of our other products – are sourced, machined, manufactured, assembled and finished within these United States of America under the watchful eyes of a Cabot Guns patriot.

These beacons of American craftsmanship shine with their artisan polished and 24 kt gold finish, and are warmly enveloped by grips crafted from indigenous American Holly. We’ve made only one exception to our 100% American-sourced rule. In testament to the meteoric focus to country demonstrated by the Trump Presidency, the trigger and front sight of the TRUMP 45 is hand-crafted from Gibeon Meteorite, a precious and bold material which has travelled billions of miles through time and space – and with which we are blessed a finite amount. It’s our tribute to the American vision of President Trump, and to the President’s unashamed commitment to America and American greatness.  

Trump 45 Pistol

A museum grade glass case has been crafted for the TRUMP 45 so that it may be proudly display. The hand-crafted wood base contains an artifact inlay from the U.S.S. Constitution.

WE, therefore, the representatives of Cabot Gun Company, LLC do solemnly publish and declare that these American-made 1911’s which bear our name and the name of our President are in fact 100% made in America. We do hereby assert;

That the production, assembly and finishing of these pistols are sourced, formed and built right here – ‘neath spacious skies, amongst amber waves of grain, and in the shadow of purple mountain majesties.

That the people who have constructed them and their parts are true blooded Americans stemming from all walks of life, united here under stars and stripes to craft the finest in heirloom-quality shootable art.  

That to Cabot Guns and our customers, “100% American Made” isn’t simply a sticker, it is a devotion to the American craftsman and the unmatched prowess with which they complete their work.

God bless the 1911, God bless the great American Craftsman, God bless America, and God bless President Donald Trump.

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