Cabot Unicorn

One of a Kind Damascus Steel 1911


Cabot Guns is excited to announce a custom 1911 pistol eminently worthy to bear the title One-of-A-Kind (OAK): Unicorn.

Unicorns grace our world’s mythology, fantasy, and even theology. Although literary and cinematic variations abound, one trait weaves a common thread through all the legends and stories: the unicorn is an exclusive inhabitant of its universe.

The Cabot Unicorn shares this rare provenance of the fabled one-horned creature. Our Unicorn is a hybrid, part-left-handed and part-right-handed pistol. The upper (slide) is a “lefty” while the lower (frame, etc.) is a “righty.” The ejector port is on the left of the slide, while the controls for the lower are where you would expect for a right-handed gun. We have added a Cabot ambidextrous safety, which means the Unicorn‘s owner can be right- or left-handed. Our research indicates the Unicorn is the first 1911 ever made in this fashion, which makes this new 1911 the firearm equivalent of a unicorn.

Beyond the Unicorn‘s design and function, the upper is crafted from exquisite Robert Eggerling Mosaic Damascus steel, which shares its pedigree with one other Cabot OAK: the Commander King. The Unicorn is chambered in .45 ACP and its grips are derived from solid stainless steel and feature a black plasma diamond-like carbon finish, as does the remainder of the lower.

The owner of this seemingly magical 1911 will also have the rare pleasure of gazing along the top of Eggerling’s beautiful Mosaic Damascus and acquiring the perfect sight picture with the sparkling diamond that adorns the Unicorn‘s front sight.

Finally, this Unicorn will rest amid the plush red velvet that lines the classic Italian custom leather case, which features the Cabot OAK certificate that proves one legend false: you don’t always have to be a pure maiden to capture a Unicorn.

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