Damascus & Meteorite 1911s

Limited Edition - 3 Pistols

A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel was used to create the weapons of kings and chieftains. Valued for its beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of its holder’s power but was also considered to contain mythical properties. In a similar vein, ancient men considered meteorite to be something that was hand-delivered by angelic beings. Thus, these strange elements were considered to possess god-like properties and often fashioned into objects such as the dagger entombed within the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen. Cabot Guns has combined these two legendary materials to bring you a pistol we call, Utopia.

The search for perfection in life is as old as our human existence. Utopia, although a largely fictional ideal, is still sought after today. Sir Thomas More described a mythical Utopian society in which all aspects of life were blended—and balanced—perfectly. Cabot pursues that same ideal as applied to the art of pistol craftsmanship. Design, materials, workmanship, finishing… perfection may or may not exist, but we continue to passionately seek it.

The upper and lower of Utopia is crafted from 120 layers of stainless, artisan-forged Damascus steel. Utopia’s grips are made from a four-billion-year-old meteorite, but not just any cut of meteorite. These grips are formed to include sections of the exterior bark of the meteorite, called regmaglypts, which are the outer thumb print patterns that develop as it travels through the heavens before receiving the final, heat-treated touch of God’s hand as it burns through our atmosphere and lands on Earth. The ability to craft these uncommon grips is as rare as the material itself. Cabot needed a meteorite with a flat exterior section, yet one large enough to form both grips. Over the years, Cabot CEO and founder Robert Bianchin was able to collect three such pieces.

The Utopia’s trigger, sights, and base pad are also crafted from meteorite and finished to show its prized Widmanstätten pattern. These lines of nickel-iron crystal are revealed through a delicate acid etching process and are unique to iron meteorites. This crystalline pattern developed as the molecules were stretched by planetesimal collisions during the formation of our solar system.

From the precise application of elemental meteorite material overlaid onto hand-crafted artisan Damascus to the famous Cabot Tristar trigger—combined with the unmatched precision and quality you expect from every Cabot Gun—Utopia has it all.

Explore the shapes and patterns imbued into the frame and other components. With only a little imagination, you can see planetary bodies forming and then exploding into the far reaches of the universe. Forged from primordial materials, the Cabot Utopia 1911 pistol is offered for the discerning shootist; one who desires the very best pistol planet Earth has to offer. This is the next step on Cabot’s eternal mission to blend the rarest materials with skilled craftsmanship and create the most beautiful pistols in the universe. Utopia.

Limited Edition – Only 3 Pistols to Be Built
$59,000 Each


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